March 24, 2011

College Radio Conference in NYC

Twelve students traveled with Professor Anthony Fleury to the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System College Radio Conference in New York City, 11-13 March 2011. They attended sessions on a range of topics, including fundraising, world music, sportscasting, digital archiving of music libraries, broadcasting careers, hip hop, and more. Funding for the trip was provided by National Endowment for the Humanities and W&J's Division of Student Life.

L to R: Dylan Pishney, Sara Bugajski, Dina Matta, James Ransaw, Coni Salinas, Anthony Fleury, Liz Pace, Dana Ringer, Erikka Loper, Khyati Thakore, Jason Lee, Allyse Corbin, Bob McMahon

Photo credit: Lauren Panton