November 27, 2012

WNJR Faculty Adviser Anthony Fleury Receives National Recognition

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"Faculty adviser at WNJR for six years, Fleury credits the station’s success to the hard work of the students and those involved from the local community."
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L to R: Liz Pace '14, Station Manager; Ben Sievers, Sundry Lunch; Scott Frank, Theatre and Communication Department Chair; Patrick Arena, Big Daddy Jazz Radio; Anthony Fleury, WNJR Adviser; Jonathan Miles, It's a 'Burgh Thing: The Pittsburgh Jazz Connection; Brad Hundt, Brad Hundt's Mixtape; Hannah Aloia '16, News 4 Reel; Carla Myers, LibraryLand, Alexis Rittenberger, LibraryLand; Erikka Loper '13, Friend or Fraud.