January 30, 2013

Missed Our Radio Dramas? - No Worries!

Throughout January, Theatre and Communication Arts professor William Cameron taught the course COM250: Radio Drama. Students got the opportunity to preform live radio plays, some written by Professor Cameron and fellow classmates.  Check out Brad Hundt's story "Blast from the Past" about Bill Cameron's Radio Drama course, in the Washington Observer-Reporter.

Week 1 presented two dramatic dramas, starting with one of the most well-known suspenseful radio plays, Sorry Wrong Number by Lucilis Flotchor. 

The second drama was Professor Cameron's The Last Ride

Week 2 presented comedies, starting with Bill Cameron’s Public Speaking. 

We returned to high school in
 Pick a Side by Valerie Swick (’14).

Next we had 
Sidekicks by Jessica Zack (’14).  This play was recently presented at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival conference in Baltimore and was adapted for radio. 

We ended the string of comedies with Bill Cameron’s wacky comedy The Vicki and Jenna Show.

WNJR would like to thank the COM250 students for joining us throughout the month. The 14 talented and hard-working W&J students are: 
Kara Beck, Brook Burns, Matthew Egelman, Christa Fornella, Nicole Lapinsky, Erikka Loper, Darby McMullen, Abigail Palmer, Christine Plavchak, DeAndre Simmons, Valerie Swick, Kayleigh Verno, Stephanie Yoo, and Jessica Zack.