January 16, 2013

WNJR is Proud to Present: RADIO DRAMA!

This year, Theatre and Communication Arts professor William Cameron again teaches COM 250: RADIO DRAMA. Students enrolled in Radio Drama make up the cast and crew of the plays written for radio. 

The radio drama students have been meeting every weekday this month in order to prepare for their performances. The following radio dramas will be performed on Thursday, January 17 at 3PM:

Sorry Wrong Number by Lucilis Flotchor
The Last Ride by William Cameron

Students are graded on creativity, resourcefulness, preparedness, focus, listening, respect for fellow students, and ability to work with the technical aspects.  Each student was required to achieve Level 1 Certification and therefore is able to have their very own radio show! 

*Make sure you tune in to 91.7 fm WNJR for the final production day of Radio Dramas on Thursday, January 17th!*