March 24, 2013


Get some SPRING in your ears with our new hi-rotation list of jazz choices.
One last winter blast coming!!! but, we can keep that blood moving with the great new music and classic gold star jazz recordings that I have chosen for your pleasure. The new CD 'While We Hope and Dream' features London based guitarist Francesco Lo Castro but, it was recorded here in Pittsburgh with his musician cam-padres saxophonist and flautist Eric DeFade and bassist Tony DePaolis. Strong musicians in their own rights, they unit for a surprisingly tender and delicate set of music.            

We had a national broadcast debut recording this week, simply because I jumped on this record as soon as it hit my mailbox and CD Player- Trumpet player Jacob Varmus presents a CD called 'Terminal Stillness'- some new sounds and new compositions- without a New York City hard edge but with the divine glow.                           

George Heid III 
Young musicians keep proving that the jazz legacy matters/ case in point- the new CD 'Elevations' by Brett Williams/piano-Anton DeFade-bass and George Heid lll-percussion/ with an assist by Michael Stephenson-sax and Benny Benack lll- These guys have been 'standing room only' in Pittsburgh, NYC and Philadelphia. Check them out because they are going places.

For a nostalgic dip we have Blossom Dearie's quirky, mad recording of the Dave Frisberg gem  'I'M Hip'.   "I call my girlfriend 'Man' cause I'm Hip"   I guess we need Dave to write a new verse as I have heard some guys recently calling their girlfiends' ' Dude.'  Hmmmm..Maybe Ill change my name to BIGDADDYDUDE... whatcha think?

Happy listening!  


Francesco Lo Castro- Album-While We Hope and Dream/By Candlelight
Lindsey Brier- Single- Angel Among Us  
Jacob Varmus *radio debut on WNJR- album- Terminal Stillness/Avenue C
Sean Jones- Chillin at the Grill- Gemini
Al Jarreau-Compared to What/  The Best of Al Jarreau
Chauncey Street-Josh Levinson
Troy Roberts  Go nu-jive 5
Stockton Helbing  Crazy Aquaruius
Patrick Arena-Night and Day/ How Could I Not Love You/Night and Day  
Sean Jones Transitions/The Search Within
The Verge   The verge
Dave Lalama Big Band   The Hofstra Project
Elevations/ Emergence 
Bill O ConnellTriple Play
Blossom Dearie- I'm Hip /  From the Meticulous to the Sublime