March 14, 2013

This week's Hot List

Artist                  Song Title                  Sounds Like...
Thought Transfer               Get Up                                         The Cars, fun rock.
Little Boots                        Motorway                                    Techno beat/echoing sounds
Rhye                                  Open                                            Calming, beautiful vocals
Midwest Hype                   Elastic Booty Shorts                   Blues, Pop, Reggae, AND Rap
Carmen Villian                  Lifeissin                                      Beautiful vocals/synth sounds
Midwest Hype                   Runaway                                     Blues mixed with Rap/Pop
Factories                            Zombi                                         Upbeat Techno sound
Japandroids                       The House that Heaven Built      Rock
The Postal Service            A Tattered Line of String            Themselves, they rock.
BOY                                  Boris                                            Great stories told by lyrics
Youth Lagoon                   Dropla                                          Mellow; Of Monsters and Men
Phoenix                             Entertainment                               Upbeat with smooth vocals
Telekinesis                        Ghosts and Creatures                   Band Of Horses
DIIV                                  How Long Have You Known     Upbeat music with echoing vocals
BOY                                  Little Numbers                            Regina Spektor/ Feist
The Shout Out Louds        Walking In Your Footsteps         80s pop sound