November 14, 2013

Briar Rabbit

It's a fact: a lot of people choose a book by its cover.  Librarians may not like it, but it happens. In this case though, Briar Rabbit's latest EP From Your Bones not only features some awesome tunes, but some pretty great, simple cover art. Or maybe it's just the suspenders?

Either way, this album is definitely worth the listen.  Although his performing name is Briar Rabbit, Phillip-Michael Scales provides a refreshing sound amidst the current indie craze.  He classifies his work as being in his own "thought-pop" genre that is based off of creating pop music with intellectual lyrics that captivates listeners.  He says that his main goal in creating these types of songs is to be seen as a storyteller, relating experiences and emotions in a way that is easily processed by the audience.  

Overall, the style of the album relies on the combination of classic folk and pop rhythms.  Who knew it was possible? 

We at WNJR can only agree with a Facebook review of the band that states, "It's smart, catchy, and something we didn't even know we needed."

You can listen to "So Long" and "Bothered No More" here on the band's Facebook page as well as check out pictures and videos from performances.

Checking up on the WNJR blog from afar or in the mood for a roadtrip? Go check out his next performance:
     Friday, November 22, 2013   
           8:00 PM; $5 cover            
         Redamte Coffee House         
   449 State St. I/J, Madison, WI  

Want more? Go check out his twitter or home page where you can access tour dates, videos, and merch!

And just in case you wanted to know, that typewriter isn't just a prop used during photographing, but he actively uses it to write up his lyrics. That's classy. (Another nifty tidbit: our station adviser owns and uses the same machine! Connection!)

 Happy listening (and typing)!