May 12, 2014

Radio Vérité

Tuesday May 13 at 2:30 p.m., Mr. Cameron's Advanced Storytelling class will present "Radio Vérité", a special 2-hour broadcast featuring 10 student-produced radio documentaries.  As you can see below, the documentaries cover a range of fascinating topics..  

  • Bailey Mudrick interviews Dr. Robert East from W&J's Environmental Studies Program
  • Carley Adams takes us behind the scenes for the singing of Mozart's 'Requiem'
  • Emily Bitting improvises with the W&J Jazz Ensemble
  • Brock Bolyard sits down with WVU basketball star Nathan Adrian
  • Brittany Lander explores Pittsburgh Pirates' fandom past and present
  • Evan Fuentes talks with W&J senior and aspiring model Lindsey Coffey
  • Melissa Sarnicke shares some lively conversation from a local 4-H meeting
  • Mike Hornak takes a serious look at life among the disenfranchised of society at the Washington City Mission
  • Adam Kmett reports on the goings on at The LeMoyne Center
  • Olivia Long shares a moving personal journey--an exploration of love, loyalty and lemonade!
Please join us.