February 25, 2015

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody,

This is a new blog I would like to start up called, you guessed it, Gaming Den, where I will be talking about video game related material. I have a show on Thursdays at 9pm where I, TheRavanator, play video game music, and I am finishing off the Xenoblade Chronicles album. Today I'll start off with a game I am currently playing, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for the 3DS, and a strategy I came up with for playing against the in-game trainers.
From Bulbapedia, Trademarked by Nintendo

The Pokemon it involves is Chinchou. Being an water-electric type it is able to learn moves like Thunderbolt, Surf and the like. Most importantly it is able to learn Rain Dance and Thunder by TM. This means that if used in succession, Thunder will never miss unless the opponent uses Protect or Detect. One other thing about Chinchou is that one of its egg moves is Soak, this turns the target into a pure water-type. Then if one were to use Thunder it would be super-effective with same type attack bonus. To make things easier you could give Chinchou a damp rock to hold to extend the rain to 8 turns instead of 5 increasing the number of Soak, and Thunders you could do, ultimately dealing a lot crippling damage.

Tune in this Thursday at 9pm to catch some music from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.