April 23, 2015

New Changes to Our Twitter

Hello ladies and gents! I hope you're all having a fantastic day and are looking forward to the weekend. Anyone who has been on our twitter knows that we post a lot on a weekly basis, but what you guys don't know is that we've changed some things.

Some of you may or may not have noticed, but the WNJR staff are starting to initial our tweets. I would've loved to put it in our twitter bio, but that has a word count and it is very limited. So the following are the names and initials of WNJR's tweeters, but all the tweets that are not initialed will belong to me, the Events and Publicity Director. But for now blank tweets may not all belong to me. So look forward to that in the next 1-2 weeks. And we're off:
  • Joseph Jorjoliani- JJ
  • Maia Ervin- ME
  • Margie Keisling- MK
  • Samara Silverstein- SS
  • Sarah Knizat- SK
  • Passion Williams- PW
  • Nick K.- NK
  • Jess Perman- JP
  • Ravneet Singh- RS
  • India March- IM
  • Dr. Anthony Fleury- AF
  • Prof. Bill Cameron- BC
Thank you all for reading and enjoy your weekend!