September 22, 2015

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody!!
Welcome to the Gaming Den.

It has been a summer and I am glad to get back on campus and on WNJR.
This time around I will be talking about a Video Game that apparently has a very good soundtrack and that is Nier.
Source: Wikipedia
The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the apocalypse wasn't zombies or nukes but Black Magic caused by a Grimoire Noir. The story starts with you taking care of your daughter, Yonah, who has become infected with the Black Scrawl, where it is basically all of the pain in Pandora's box with ancient black lettering appearing on the body when the pain is being caused. Yonah not wanting to be cooped up inside went out to explore, looking for a flower in a story that the father said the night before. During the trek to find your daughter you come across really sassy book called the Grimoire Weiss and he disdainfully helps you save your daughter. Weiss then mentions that he could cure Yonah but he needs 'Sealed Verses'. Now the adventure begins to find the 'Sealed Verses' and ride giant Boars, more on that next time.

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