February 10, 2016

I Slay, OK

The Queen has done it again! Of course I'm talking about Beyoncé and her new single, "Formation" - yet another unpromoted, unannounced single, complete with an absolutely stunning music video.  The track is available for download on Tidal, and was only on YouTube for a short time before becoming "unlisted." Luckily, I'm sneaky and found a way to get this masterpiece to you all: "Formation (Dirty)"- Beyonce

Image result for formation beyonce

Both the song and the video are definitely political, and the message is presented in the most graceful and cinematic way. (Blue Ivy is also in the video!) Bey sings about her southern roots and being proud of where she came from, about blackness and how incredibly beautiful is it, and about how she remains true to where she came from despite her overwhelming success. The song has a great beat, catchy lyrics, and is just a completely magical piece of work by Beyoncé. I wish I could tell you how many times I've listened to this song since its release on Sunday, but I lost count long ago... I'm sure its in the hundreds by now. 

The Chainsmokers also released a new single this weekend with a feature by Daya, a Pittsburgh native who was all over the radio this summer with her single "Hide Away." The track is called "Don't Let Me Down," and I've listened to it about as many times as I've listened to "Formation" at this point. The Chainsmokers were featured on Sirius XM's "Nice Hair" the day before the track was released, and they mentioned that they feel "Don't Let Me Down" is their most "complete" song yet, and definitely one of their best. Check out the song on Spotify here: "Don't Let Me Down ft. Daya"- The Chainsmokers.