March 29, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Meghan Trainor

 Meghan Trainor 
TLC had girls across the country singing no scrubs. They gave us (girls) the confidence to finally challenge ourselves to never settle for less than we deserve. Now fast forward 17 years and Meghan Trainor is now reminding us that we can say no! If you're in your zone and accomplishing great things, and don't want someone who is just going to run game, say no. Tell them your number is no, your sign is no, he needs to let it go. I love listening to Meghan Trainor, she is unapologetic in her music and is great advocate for women empowerment. She enforces that we love are bodies and don't allow media to cloud our perception of ourselves. I am excited for her future works. Please listen to "No" by Meghan Trainor.