March 4, 2016

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody
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As a continuation off of last week's post on MegaMan Zero Collection. I started playing the first of 4 games, MegaMan Zero. The game functions fairly simply, run around with your weapon gunning/slashing everything that wants to hurt you. This game has a mission style system like other MegaMan games, where you select the mission to complete and you are teleported to the beginning of the level. This game also introduces a weapon level up system where using the weapon will increase its level, giving Zero more abilities like a charge shot.
Ciel with many Cyber Elves. Source: Megaman Wikia

This game also introduces a cyber elf system where you can collect little programs to upgrade Zero's stats, such as giving him more health or allowing him to climb ladders faster. The developers of the game intended theses cyber elves to make the game easier as they built the game to be more of a hardcore game, but one of the flaws with that is the fact that it takes a lot of skill to get the elf and resources to upgrade Zero.

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