March 11, 2016

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody
Welcome to the Gaming Den,

This week I would like to make a slight detour, from my talk on Megaman to talk about a game that got me started on the first-person shooter genre and that is Halo. This series revolves around a soldier called Master Chief who is a modified super soldier called Spartan. The first game, Halo Combat Evolved, starts off in the middle of a war between the Human, who have been colonizing many planets, and the Theocratic Covenant, who say that the Humans are pests and disgrace their god.
Source: Gadgets 360

The events of Halo lead the Master Chief onto this ring world where he and his AI partner, Cortana learn of the how it is a galactic weapon to attempt to control a parasite known as the Flood. They ultimately decided to blow up the ring world, destroying everything on it. The series as a whole then expanded to numerous other games, fan-made shows, and even graphic novels.

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