March 18, 2016

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Hey Everybody,
Welcome to the Gaming Den

To continue on my Halo segment, which I started playing songs for last night, I wanted to talk about the main character Master Chief, whose name is also John. He is a Super-Soldier, and was apart of the Spartan-II program. This program, functions much like the Greek City, Sparta, where kids at a young age were rigorously trained for combat. In the Spartan-II program they also used chemical enhancements and surgeries, essentially making John's bones indestructible, and even capable of taking out fully trained Marine at the age of 14. He wears the Mjolnir Mark VI armor which connects Johns nervous system to the suit, allowing the 1/2 ton suit to move with John as well as assist his already super-human abilities.
Source: Wikipedia

He is also able to use a plethora of weapons, but his most defining characteristic is his luck. It is super-natural how lucky John is, such as finding just the right weapon lying on the ground for him to pick up. To jumping out of a spaceship with a 3-ton bomb and landing on the enemy spaceship and blowing it up, unscathed. And if that seems impressive hear this, he once jumped out of a ship and entered earth's atmosphere and landed, ready to go, with just a tiny piece of metal as protection. If that is not awesome I don't know what is.

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