April 15, 2016

Gaming Den

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This week I wanted to talk about one of the most adorable, and I say that loosely, characters in Halo and they are the Unggoy, or as the Humans called them, Grunts. Being very short and seeming to possess little intelligence, these creatures were one of the later ones to join the Covenant. Because of that they were shuttled to the bottom of the rankings, used as cannon fodder and as slaves for the Covenant and it wasn't until one of the many Unggoy rebellions that they received a little higher status as part of the forces in the Covenant Military.

Source: Halo Wikia
In battle with the Humans, the Grunts are not the best with tactics, strength, or accuracy, but because of the Unggoy reproductive habits they are easily able to overrun the Human forces by just sheer number. Also all of the Unggoy are capable of higher intelligence but because of the devastation to their home world centuries ago, due to industrialization, and the general view of Unggoy as lower creatures in the Covenant kept their intelligence limited. But, on a good note the acceptance into the Covenant ensured their survival as a species as it provided them with food for their families back at home and doubling their life span.

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