April 22, 2016

Gaming Den

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Today I would like to talk about one of the biggest threats in the Halo Universe and that is the Flood. In this universe they are a form of parasite that feeds off of lifeforms with sufficient biomass to survive and thrive, lets say the size of a cat and larger. The Flood will then assimilate this organism into their collective intelligence and begin to grow larger in bodies and mind. The Flood do not have much intelligence on their own and so they gather their prey but just purely outnumbering them. Once the Flood grows to a certain amount they begin build/grow a single being for their central intelligence called a Gravemind, capable of critical thinking, which is very powerful for group organization.

Source: Halo Wikia

The Flood make many cultural references in society today. For one they act very much like what we think of as Zombies, just with a greater sense of purpose rather than self preservation. Also the Flood also seems to be a biblical reference to the Great Flood which would have destroyed everything except for Noah's Ark which attempted to save many of the organisms in space.

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