April 8, 2016

Gaming Den

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This week I wanted to talk about the Sangheili, who are a part of the Covenant in the Halo Series. The Covenant, being the general antagonist to the series, is a group of multiple species trying to achieve one goal of salvation, as lead by the prophets or the San 'Shyuum. The Sangheili, from the planet Sangheilios, are a proud race, living in a feudal society where not only might, but also mind could determine the current ruling party in the area. They joined the covenant after a little squable with the San 'Shyuum and thus became the backbone of the Covenant army.
Source: Halo Wikia

After some time fighting in the Covenant, the Sangheili learned of the corruption and the fact that the Great Journey is just a path to suicide. Therefore, Some of the Sangheili defected from the Covenant and raised up arms with the Humans, of whom they fought against for a while as well, in order to save their homeworld and their race.

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