May 3, 2016

Kehlani's Come Back

Kehlani is Back 
It seems like Kehlani was getting defeated before she could win the battle. But if it is one thing I know about this strong, virtuous, artist is that she is relentless. Due to the recent controversy over Party Next Door and Kyree Irving, social media continued to bully her, even fellow artist bullied her. Being young and pushed into the spotlight causes a lot of stress and it is understandable that she attempted to end her pain. Yet God had other plans for her and fortunately her attempt failed and now she has a new look and is celebrating a year for album release "Should Be Here." Currently she is doing shows (not a tour) all over the east coast. I personally think Kehlani is very talented, her R&B soul type music always has me dancing in my dorm. Just know Kehlani I am team Tsunami! Continue to inspire everyone with your story and voice.