November 10, 2016

Artist of the Week: Lady Leshurr

Happy Thursday World! I hope everyone had a great week by listening to great tunes, discovering new artist, and tuning into 91.7FM. The artist of the week will be no other than the one and only Lady Leshurr. The Queen Speech Series developed by Mrs. Leshurr put her into the mainstream spotlight and has allowed her to take her throne. Through her incredible voice, lyrical domination, and new style, she brings fresh air to the music industry and for the rest of the world to see. My favorite from her series would have to be Part Four due to her incredible introduction and attention that she captures. From the first moment the world discovered Lady Leshurr, it was clear to see that this is only the beginning and there is far more amazing work to come from such a talented artist. If you enjoy this original song by Lady Leshurr then check out her YouTube page linked below. Have a great week and tune in again next week to!