December 2, 2016

Watch Out Artist/ Album: Kehlani "Sweet Sexy Savage"

Watch Out Artist/Album:Kehlani "Sweet Sexy Savage"

If you have not noticed my infatuation with Kehlani, I hope this post conveys the message that she may actually be the savior of R&B. Early this week Kehlani posted on Twitter the title of her new and first album, "Sweet Sexy Savage. Just to provide context Kehlani was mix tape was nominated for a Grammy. As a result Tsunami fans are highly anticipating her freshman album. "Sweet Sexy Savage" pays homage to the 90's group ("TLC") album "Crazy Sexy Cool"where she coined the title. In addition to this new album she also uploaded a video to her single "Distraction"two weeks ago. It has grossed over a million views in the past week and has continued to rise. She continued to pay homage to 90's group when her new video "Distraction" resembles similar themes as Destiny's Child video "Say My Name," Say My Name was a vibrant and colorful themed video where they sung the single in a red, yellow, and blue room.  Kehlani is never afraid to give credit when credits due. She continues to thank all female R&B artist that paved the way for her. Which is why she may be the savior of R&B. 

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