February 10, 2017

WNJR V-Week Series

Hello beautiful fans of WNJR, I hope you're all having a wonderful day. The staff here at WNJR has some exciting news: there will be a week-long radio show discussing various women's issues for V-Week!

V-Week or Vagina Monologue Week, is a week consisting of events and programs focusing on various women's' issues and their obstacles and achievements, capped off by performances Friday and Saturday of monologues written for and by women about humorous situations to topics seen as taboo. The WNJR Series is meant to focus on similar topics that we feel are important and integral to the development and furthering of the community, for both female and male audiences.

The schedule consists of a different topic and discussion panel each day. Each show will run 45-60 minutes and will be available on Soundcloud. The below schedule is the running times:

Mon. 2/20-(8pm-9pm) Domestic Violence and Assault/ Harassment (sexual and verbal, e.g. cat-calling)
Tues. 2/21-(4pm-5pm) Beauty Standards/ Body Image
Wed. 2/22- (6pm-7pm) Workplace Experiences and Discrimination (wage gap, competing in a man's world, etc)
Thurs. 2/23- (4pm-5pm) Intersectional Feminism through identities (race/ethnicity, ableism, sexual orientation)
Fri. 2/24-(6pm-7pm) Media Representation (film, tv, music, etc)

If you're interested in participating in any way (as a student or staff member) email amina@wnjr.org. Thank you and I hope you all are able to tune in here or 91.7FM.