March 6, 2017

Indie Artist Spotlight: Philip Cohen

Source: PhilipCohenMusic
Philip Cohen, now being played in college radio stations across the country, is an Indie musician with a diverse and unique history that allows him to stand out like no other has. As a kid he learned to play the clarinet, violin, kazoo, and guitar. At a very young age he left home and headed north to Vermont, where he attended boarding school. Along with that he played full-time hockey in the Mid-West and Canada. He then attended the US Air Force Academy and graduated from the Sloan School in MIT. In an article posted by 'The Tech,' Philip mentioned that he is "trudging along the path to success in many areas," but he does not want "safety nets." Based on everything he has been able to do, I have high hopes that whether he remains as a musician, continues his business plans, or opens a couple more non-profit organizations, he will influence people, especially college students, nationwide.