April 6, 2017

Artist Spotlight: ZHU

Source: Billboard

Steven Zhu, who is known professionally as ZHU, is an electronica musician and singer who has been creating music since early 2014.  ZHU is Chinese American and choose to remain anonymous until mid-2014 because he wanted people to judge him based on his music alone saying, "Some of us don't even know the limitations of our own prejudice. Rather than put those limitations to the test, we've created an engaging way for fans to focus on the music rather than who's behind it."  ZHU has released two EPs titled "The Nightday" and "Genesis Series" containing the songs Faded and  Automatic.  ZHU also released an album in July of 2016 titled "Generationwhy" featuring songs like Palm of My Hand and In the Morning.  ZHU recently released a single titled Nightcrawler where you can continue to hear ZHU's unique sound and diverse sounds.  Be sure to check ZHU out at some music festivals this summer, and be sure to tune in to WNJR 91.7FM to hear more from ZHU and other artists like him.