November 9, 2017

Artist of the Week: Camila Cabello

Happy Thursday! As the week is approaching the weekend, now is the time to listen to the hit single by the one and only Camila Cabello. Camila is the artist from Miami, Florida that started her vocal career in 2012. She is previously known for being a member of the group Fifth Harmony, but she decided to leave the group and peruse her own solo career. It's easy to say that this decision has been great due to her releasing Havana and it reaching top ten in numerous countries, while also being number one in the UK and Canada.  At the age of 20, Camila is having a successful career and has many more hits to come. Here is Havana to lead you into the weekend, hear great music from a great artist, and even watch a hilarious video that seems to be a mini movie. Talk to you next week!