February 12, 2018

Tune Monday: JoJo

Happy Monday! As the week begins after the weekend comes to an end, what better way to start off your fabulous Monday than with a throw back from the one and only, JoJo! Starting her career in her early teens, JoJo has always been a force in pop culture with the release of top hits such as "Too Little, Too Late", "Leave", and "Baby It's You." The release of her cover song for Drakes original song "Marvin's Room," allowed her to give a women's point of view in a relation, opposed to Drake's man to man approach. If you are a women experiencing relationship issues, want someone back, or just simply need to hear that you don't need a man at all, then this is the song for you. Tune into WNJR.ORG to hear the best of the best in the one and only, Washington PA.