01 October 2015

Artist Spotlight: Shamir

 Hope everyone's Thursday is going okay thus far (is anybody else loving this fall weather besides me?!). Anyways, it's Thursday which means it's time for me to spotlight an artist. I have never had this much trouble trying to fit an artist into a category (I really do mean NEVER). His sound is one that will never fit into a typical R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, or Funk genre. But it's a sound that everyone should definitely give a listen to. Shamir is his name, and uniqueness (is that a word?) is something he brings to the table. I refuse to classify him as an "R&B"or "Pop" artist. It's simply a combination of it all. Curious? Good! Tune into WNJR Radio 91.7FM for a listen.
Are you desperately wanting to listen to a great show host and great rock music? Then tune in every Wednesday at 12pm to here Mr.Greg's show Pure Rock Shop. He kicked off his show yesterday with one of the most amazing covers by a band I have ever heard in my life. The cover was of Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance by a band called Halestorm. The music he plays will make you want to dance and sing along to every tune. Have a great day everyone and don't forget to tune in every Wednesday at 12pm for the one and only Pure Rock Shop!

30 September 2015

Spotlight on Ravneet Singh!

Salutations beautiful people! Today we're shining a spotlight on one of WNJR's own, Mr. Ravneet Singh or as some of you may know him as: The Ravanator, which is his alter ego when hosting his show Video Game Music at 9:00pm on Thursdays. Rav is WNJR's Technology Director among other things.  He does an amazing job of making sure we don't go crazy when any of us are faced with technological issues. You may also recognize Rav because he actually attends DubJay! Big surprise everyone! Rav is a sophomore and is majoring in Computer Science. So whenever you see him on campus don't be afraid to say hello!

29 September 2015

Pop Danthology

Hello Everyone! I am India March and officially the new Electronic Music Director! I also host my own show on WNJR as well. Time and show name will be determined shortly. Despite my love for all music especially electronic music, I have a pop music mix for you all to listen to. If you enjoy the most popular music of 2015 then you will surely enjoy Pop Danthology! Enjoy!

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody
Welcome to the Gaming Den

There are many forms of fast transportation in video games from Side-Strafing in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, to sports cars in GTA, but one of the silliest forms of transportation would have to be the Boar in Nier.

Source: Imgur
The first part of this silliness is how you first get the chance to ride this Boar. In the town near by a citizen complains that there is a boar causing havoc and requests you to subdue it, and to collect it's tusk. Once you do so the citizen explains that with the tusk you are able to ride boars in the area. So, all it takes to ride a boar is to have a boar's tusk, No training required, that is just plain silly.

Ok then, so now you are able to ride boars in the area which is great since the plains is so large. But you are also able to charge in to the wildlife and shades that are in the plains as well along with the unwieldy movement that the boar has.  Everything about this boar just seems like the developers threw it in the game for laughs.

If you would like to know more about Nier head over to my previous post here to read up on a little of the backstory.

Tune in Thursday's at 9pm to listen to The Ravanator for Video Game Music from Nier on wnjr.org or 91.7 FM