18 January 2017

Watch Out Artist: Ari Lennox

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Watch Out Artist/Album: Ari Lennox 
R&B is about to reach another level in 2017 with new artist and albums our taste of music about to change. Courtney Salter better known as Ari Lennox is a new artist who just got signed to Dreamville (J.Cole Record) Her album PHO is picking up clout and if you're the person who wants to be first on what's going to blow up this year you do not want to miss out on the greatness that is Ari Lennox. After listening to "PHO" it gave me "The Internet" (R&B/Soul group) vibes, this is an album that tells a story you can't help but listen all the way through non-stop or you miss the art of it.

05 January 2017

Landmark Jazz

Hello wonderful fans of WNJR! It's the start of Intersession and the staff at WNJR and I hope you had a relaxing break. This year we have a new jazz show that has already had a couple of shows and we'd like to make you guys aware of it.
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Landmark Jazz is hosted by community member Jonathan Miles. The show lays the groundwork of jazz that has turned into the music we recognize today. Jonathan will tell the story of jazz through its music and history. Explored will be the building blocks of jazz, such as Big Band, Swing, and Bebop. Jonathan will take us from the old style of New Orleans and Louis Armstrong, traveling up the Mississippi to Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, to the east coast, west coast and then the world. If you want to take a listen tune in on Wednesdays from 10AM-12PM here or 91.7FM. You won't regret it!

08 December 2016

Artist Spotlight: Zella Day

Zella Day photographed by Janell Shirtcliff
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Zella Day is an American singer and song writer who has an indie vibe that blends with electronica sounds.  Zella is twenty one years old and has been singing and performing since 2012 when she first performed a cover of the White Stripes song Seven Nation Army.  In 2014 Zella debuted her first EP self-titled "Zella Day."  The song features hits like Sweet Ophelia, Hypnotic, and East of Eden which contain both indie and electronic influences.  Her most recent release is titled "Man on the Moon" and continues to display her unique, airy voice.  If you want to hear more by Zella Day and other artists like her then be sure to tune in to WNJR at 91.7FM.

02 December 2016

Watch Out Artist/ Album: Kehlani "Sweet Sexy Savage"

Watch Out Artist/Album:Kehlani "Sweet Sexy Savage"

If you have not noticed my infatuation with Kehlani, I hope this post conveys the message that she may actually be the savior of R&B. Early this week Kehlani posted on Twitter the title of her new and first album, "Sweet Sexy Savage. Just to provide context Kehlani was mix tape was nominated for a Grammy. As a result Tsunami fans are highly anticipating her freshman album. "Sweet Sexy Savage" pays homage to the 90's group ("TLC") album "Crazy Sexy Cool"where she coined the title. In addition to this new album she also uploaded a video to her single "Distraction"two weeks ago. It has grossed over a million views in the past week and has continued to rise. She continued to pay homage to 90's group when her new video "Distraction" resembles similar themes as Destiny's Child video "Say My Name," Say My Name was a vibrant and colorful themed video where they sung the single in a red, yellow, and blue room.  Kehlani is never afraid to give credit when credits due. She continues to thank all female R&B artist that paved the way for her. Which is why she may be the savior of R&B. 

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01 December 2016

Artist Spotlight: Childish Gambino

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Hey guys! So instead of doing an electronic artist this week I decided to focus on musician, singer-songwriter, actor, and comedian, Donald Glover.  Glover has been a favorite artist of mine for a while now and when performing he goes by the stage name Childish Gambino.  Glover's career started when he turned 23 and started working as a writer on the TV show 30 Rock.  He can also be seen acting on the show Community and Atlanta.  He was interested in creating music and released his first album Camp in 2011 and has been producing albums with hip hop, R&B, and electronic influences ever since.  Glover's newest album Awaken My Love! is expected to be released December 2nd (tomorrow!!) and is expected to be much different from what someone would expect of a rap album.  You can hear the singles "Me and Your Mama" and "Redbone" and experience how Glover's music has evolved since his first album.  Based on the songs that have already been released, Awaken My Love! is sure to not disappoint and will be full of soulful and intricate songs.  Be sure to check the album out and tune into 91.7FM WNJR to hear more from Childish Gambino and other artists like him!

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