05 December 2014

24 Hours of Live Radio!

As the semester comes to a close, WNJR wanted to have one last hurrah! We are hosting 24 hours of live shows beginning today at 5PM until tomorrow at 5PM! We have many of our community hosts, student hosts, and staff members coming together to give you live programming with a variety of different music! Be sure to tune into 91.7 FM in your car, on the tune-in app, or go to www.wnjr.org>listen!

04 December 2014

Dinner and A Suit

In November, WNJR hosted an interview and live performance with Nashville, Tennessee band Dinner and A Suit.  They are on tour for their new album 'Stay', and they were performing that night at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh.

We asked them questions about the album and touring life, and how they came to be Dinner and A Suit. It was a fun afternoon!

Check out their new EP 'Stay', which you can even download from their website!

01 December 2014

ATCR and DLS free downloads

New music by A Tribe Called Red and De La Soul, recently added to high rotation.  Available as free downloads.

(Download "The People")

25 November 2014

WNJR Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy spending time with family and friends! Have a fun, safe Thanksgiving Break!

21 November 2014


                                          GEORGIAN STUDENTS IN THE UNITED STATES

In celebration of the International Students’ Day the host of Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani, Joseph invited students from the Republic of Georgia (his home country) to his show. He first asked prospective students from Georgia, who are applying to institutions in USA, what they wanted to hear from the students who are currently enrolled in American institutions. Joseph built up his show on those questions. Four Georgian students from four different universities gave thoughtful suggestions to students in Georgia.  Listen to Global Perspectives on Joseph’s sound cloud page below:  https://soundcloud.com/jjorjoliani/georgians-in-the-united-states