20 April 2018

J. Cole's New Album 'K.O.D.'!!!!!

Happy Friday everybody! If you've been paying attention you'd know that J. Cole dropped a new album and WNJR is here for it!


J. Cole's new album 'K.O.D.' brings light to the use of drugs, including those prescribed, as escapes from our realities. He speaks on the trials and tribulations that comes with being Black in America; police brutality, mental health stigma, addiction, and incarceration. J. Cole's reminisces about his life before and after stardom concerning romantic and platonic relationships. The album's lyrics are supplemented nicely with some psychedelic-like undertones. It's an album that deserves appreciation.
For more information on the album and it's meanings and themes go here.  Listen here or 91.7FM to catch some of J. Cole's tunes we have in our system!

APO's Monti's Delivery!

I hope you all had a great week! Tonight, Friday April 20th from 10:00pm to 1:00am, Alpha Phi Omega will takeover Monti's and deliver right to your location! For $3, an APO member will deliver two items of your choice. As many of you may or may not know, Monti's offers milkshakes, slushies, pizza rolls, pretzels, and nachos! All payments may be received through Venmo or cash! If you are interested, text (724) 618-3349 with your Name, order, and residence hall! Enjoy!

19 April 2018

Wind Ensemble Concert

This Sunday at 3:00pm the W&J wind ensemble will be performing at the Olin theatre. They perform standard band music as well as some more modern compositions. The W&J jazz ensemble and wind quintet will also be performing. It will be a fun performance for everyone so be sure to come out and support the W&J music department!

18 April 2018

Is Beyonce the Greatest Performer of our Time?

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Courtesy of Bazar
Beychella and the ongoing debate 

After the historic performance, Beyonce single-handedly saved the reputation of HBCU's after her tribute to the culture at the Coachella Concert. Ever since the tragic rumor of embezzlement of financial aid in Howard University, many were skeptical of the value of attending HBCU's. And Beyonce reminded us just why HBCU's are special. She brought the band, stand dancers, and emulated the Divine 9, all while empowering the BLACK WOMAN. Now everyone can't stop debating whether BeyoncĂ© may be the best performer of all time. She has the range, skill, display. Is there merit to this debate is she the best performer of our time? 
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Courtesy of Bazar

13 April 2018


Hello beautiful people. We at WNJR are hoping you're having a wonderful day! We have an important announcement!

For all you returning peeps, Housing Selection will be closing next week, April 18th. So please sign up here on W&J's website and sign up before it's too late! Other applications are closed. General Housing Selection puts you in a lottery to pick your living arrangement! So please go and choose where ya wanna go and don't be left in the dark. Tune into wnjr.org or 91.7FM for more updates and some sweet tunes!