10 February 2016

I Slay, OK

The Queen has done it again! Of course I'm talking about BeyoncĂ© and her new single, "Formation" - yet another unpromoted, unannounced single, complete with an absolutely stunning music video.  The track is available for download on Tidal, and was only on YouTube for a short time before becoming "unlisted." Luckily, I'm sneaky and found a way to get this masterpiece to you all: "Formation (Dirty)"- Beyonce

Image result for formation beyonce

Both the song and the video are definitely political, and the message is presented in the most graceful and cinematic way. (Blue Ivy is also in the video!) Bey sings about her southern roots and being proud of where she came from, about blackness and how incredibly beautiful is it, and about how she remains true to where she came from despite her overwhelming success. The song has a great beat, catchy lyrics, and is just a completely magical piece of work by BeyoncĂ©. I wish I could tell you how many times I've listened to this song since its release on Sunday, but I lost count long ago... I'm sure its in the hundreds by now. 

The Chainsmokers also released a new single this weekend with a feature by Daya, a Pittsburgh native who was all over the radio this summer with her single "Hide Away." The track is called "Don't Let Me Down," and I've listened to it about as many times as I've listened to "Formation" at this point. The Chainsmokers were featured on Sirius XM's "Nice Hair" the day before the track was released, and they mentioned that they feel "Don't Let Me Down" is their most "complete" song yet, and definitely one of their best. Check out the song on Spotify here: "Don't Let Me Down ft. Daya"- The Chainsmokers.

09 February 2016

Black Excellence

On April 7 th , 1915, Billie Holiday was born. What is your favorite ... 

Billie Holiday 
Starting off Black History Month with a classic, Billie Holiday. Born in Philadelphia she is consider one of the most influential jazz singer of all time. My favorites songs by her is Strange Fruit and Good Morning Heartache. Her artistry and craft is something you almost desire in today's society. Her music taps into your soul and allows you to actually listen to the lyrics and syntax of the message she is trying to convey. As a 21st century girl, I have observed that most artist do not take the time to tap into their audience intellect. I thank you Billie Holiday for gracing us with your talent. Happy Black History Month.  

28 January 2016

Artist Spotlight: Zonnique

Source: Global Grind

Hey guys. I know Black History Month starts in February (and it's currently January still), but I'm going to highlight an African-American artist anyways (The sooner the better! Right? Right!!!). This week I discovered a fairly new artist, Zonnique. Ring any bells? IT SHOULD. Zonnique was once a part of the teen girl group The OMG Girlz. If that does not sound familiar, she is also the daughter of rapper T.I. and singer-songwriter Tameka "Tiny" Harris from the hit reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. After what seemed like a small fun with The OMG Girlz, Zonnique decided to spread her wings and start a solo career. Following her mother's footsteps into music, who was in the 90's group Xscape, one can describe Zonnique's sound as refreshing new R&B that can still bring that "old-school" feeling back. Make sure you look out for Zonnique's music on WNJR Radio 91.7FM.

26 January 2016

Artist Spotlight: Victor Kivuva


Victor Kivuva
On Campus there is an up and coming artist that has been making waves throughout Washington and Jefferson College. He started writing poetry at a young age reflecting the issues around the world. Globally conscious, he tries to incorporate current issues in his music. He would consider his style of music soulful floetry, not wanting to limit himself to the stigmatized category of Hip-Hop, although this is a sub-category of this versatile genre of music. His new single PE$A discusses the racial issues that are only examined surface deep based on skin color, but the real issue is socio-economics. The phrase "Iko wapi pesa"means "where is the money?"the message of the song is: Everything has a money trail and understanding the money helps one understand the problem. I encourage all to listen and comment on his soundcloud!      

25 January 2016

The Good, the Bad, and the Happy

Hi guys! Its New Music Monday again, and this week I have some great stuff for you.

Panic! at the Disco's new album, 'Death of a Bachelor,' was released on January 15th.  I've been excited for this album since it was announced (if you couldn't tell - I mentioned it several times in past posts!) and the final product is nothing short of what I expected.  Half the album was released prior to the January 15th date, making the ultimate release slightly lackluster for me.  However, the album as a whole is incredible, touching upon old P!ATD's borderline raunchy songs about sex and sinning while also showing that they have evolved yet again, gracing our ears with a new sound that will be stuck in our heads for days.
Image result for death of a bachelor album art
Listen to: "LA Devotee," "The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty," and "Crazy=Genius"
Hoodie Allen's new free album was released on Friday under an accurate name: "Happy Camper" definitely made me a happy camper!  This album is truly the whole package - an upbeat pop song, a killer feature by "Blackbear" that is as just sexy as you would expect it to be, a hip-hop banger about relationship issues, and a fun song with a catchy feature by a talented female vocalist - the whole shebang.  As if I wasn't excited enough to see Hoodie in March, I REALLY can't wait now!  Much like the transformation that is apparent on Panic! at the Disco's new album, Hoodie's fresh release has some undertones of the young, boisterous Hoodie while also exhibiting his growth as both an artist and a professional.  Check it out - its free and 100% worth it!
Image result for happy camper hoodie allen album cover
Listen to: "Surprise Party (feat. Blackbear)," "Remind Me Of," "Too Invested"

Also on Friday, Weezer FINALLY gave us the album announcement we've all been praying for since the release of "Thank God For Girls" in October.  Unless you're like me and you've just been itching for more Weezer since "Everything Will Be Alright in the End" was released October 27th, 2014.  Weezer's tenth studio album will be self-titled, with a parenthetical "White Album" title and will be released on April 1st.  The album announcement was accompanied by a new single, "King of the World," as well as a tour announcement with none other than Panic! at the Disco!  Unfortunately the tour doesn't come anywhere near Pittsburgh... road trip, anyone?