29 October 2014

Our Wednesday Evening Line Up!

Tune in to WNJR 91.7 FM for a great variety of news, music, and much more!

New Letters at 5 pm

DemNow Espanol at 5:30 pm

Southern Sarah Belle at 6 pm

Margie's Musical Mix at 7 pm

Vic's Rap & Hip-Hop at 10 pm

Keet's Beat's at 11 pm

27 October 2014

Tune in to Kolat's Korner at 3 pm every Monday, hosted by Nick!
While he has his own show, Nick is also a staff member here at WNJR!

24 October 2014

WNJR World Music Director in the Spotlight!

Jorjoliani (2nd from right) taking a "selfie" with Georgia's Prime Minister
Sophomore Ioseb (Joseph) Jorjoliani is a 4 year international student from Georgia studying at W&J College.  Rrecently, he was appointed as his home country's New Young Ambassador!  He is a second year staff member at WNJR, and starting this semester Joseph has taken over the World Music Director position.  

Joseph also hosts his own show on Friday afternoons called "Global Perspectives" where he interviews a different international student each week who is studying at W&J.  They discuss his interviewee's home country which can include topics from politics, to local traditions, and anything in between.  Of course, the show wouldn't be complete without playing some of that country's most popular songs either! 

Tune in on Friday's from 4-5pm EST to catch one of the most interesting, funny, and accent-infused shows that WNJR airs!

Congratulations, Joseph! 
-WNJR staff

23 October 2014

Tune In!

Welcome back from Fall Break, W&J!

Our regular schedule is still going so don't miss out on the line-up of live and syndicated shows that we have for today:

11am- Democracy Now
1pm- Library Land
5pm- Art Works
5:30pm-National Native News
5:35pm- Democracy Now Espanol
6pm- The Johnny Morgan Show
7pm- Culture Corner
9pm- The Ravanator
10pm- Late Night Breakfast (hosted by the WNJR Station Manager!)
11pm- Music With Passion

Our schedule can always be found at wnjr.org > Program Schedule

16 October 2014

Check it out! It's the hosts of Library Land having a great time here at WNJR!