03 May 2016

Kehlani's Come Back

Kehlani is Back 
It seems like Kehlani was getting defeated before she could win the battle. But if it is one thing I know about this strong, virtuous, artist is that she is relentless. Due to the recent controversy over Party Next Door and Kyree Irving, social media continued to bully her, even fellow artist bullied her. Being young and pushed into the spotlight causes a lot of stress and it is understandable that she attempted to end her pain. Yet God had other plans for her and fortunately her attempt failed and now she has a new look and is celebrating a year for album release "Should Be Here." Currently she is doing shows (not a tour) all over the east coast. I personally think Kehlani is very talented, her R&B soul type music always has me dancing in my dorm. Just know Kehlani I am team Tsunami! Continue to inspire everyone with your story and voice.    

Battle Of The Cover Song: Conor Maynard vs. Devvon Terrell

 Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start, because I have something to make it even better! Two artist from YouTube created cover songs to "Work" by Rihanna  and I just couldn't decide which one to let you guys here so I wanted to give you both! While Conor Maynard's cover song is slow and passionate, Devvon Terrell's cover song is upbeat and adds a different twist to the song that is very diverse. The amazing vocals from both artist inspired me to put both videos on the website and here your feed back from their amazing and unique songs.  Let me know what you think on my twitter @nannyfinee3000

Devvon Terrell

Connor Maynard

29 April 2016

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody,
Welcome to the Gaming Den

Something I have been doing a lot this semester, besides studying for exams, is playing a game called Dungeons and Dragons with all of my friends. Currently in its 5th edition this D&D is a tabletop role playing game where you can create your own character, like an Orcish warrior or a Dragon-Born Bard, and play as that character in either a pre-made adventure or one that the Dungeon Master created. There are a series of rule books and possibly other resources that help guide you in creating your character and to help the Dungeon Master create an adventure for everybody. The Dungeon Master is the creator of the adventure and the ultimate ruler of the mechanics, typically the players might want to do something that is not explicitly stated in the books and the Dungeon Master would have to come up with some way to say if you can or can't do something, like bending a piece of metal into the shape of a hook.

Source: Wizard of the Coast

The adventure that ultimately unfolds is based solely on your decisions and the willingness of the Dungeon Master to adapt. But no matter what, the purpose of all of the rule books to create the characters and adventure, is to ultimately have fun and if that is not happening then that is not a campaign to be a part of or the group might not be the right one.

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Artist Spotlight: Rihanna


This particular artist does not need an artist spotlight as she is already developed and receives recognition no matter what she does. However, I think it is important to acknowledge good music when I hear it. Although, I'm a little late (ok, more than a little), Rihanna's ANTI album has to be one of the best records that I have heard this semester. A perfect album about love done in a original manner. Her beats will make you dance, cry, smile, and sometimes cringe (in the best way possible of course). She represents women being strong as some of her songs declare that the man needs her and not the other way around. She even tells him that he has to do better in Track 03 Kiss it Better. Make sure you tune into WNJR Radio in the upcoming weeks to hear some of Rih's album on 91.7FM.

28 April 2016

Tune Thursday: Gwen Stefani

Happy Thursday Everyone! There's no better way to wrap your week up with a new hit from one of the most amazing female artist out there, Gwen Stefani! Introducing her new album "This Is What The Truth Feels Like" sparks a new era of music that truly represents who she really is. Finishing up her third album not only makes her an icon, but also a legend after creating her first solo album in ten years! We saw the come back of Justin Timberlake, but now it's Gwen's turn! Enjoy this amazing hit from her new album and tune into WNJR Radio 91.7FM everyday!