16 November 2017

Artist Spotlight: Louis Futon

Tyler Minford is a Los Angeles producer, better known by his stage name Louis Futon.  I first heard of Louis Futon through ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective label, when they released the song "Wasted On You," which can be heard below!  Since then Louis Futon has released many new songs including "Surreal," "Royal Blood," and his most recent release was released this morning and is titled "Restless Sea." Louis Futon's work is dynamic and combines various genres including electronica, hip-hop, and R&B.  Louis Futon has toured previously with Louis the Child and is currently on tour with ODESZA.  The two artists will be in Philadelphia next week from the 20th to the 22nd, so if you are able to get your hands on some tickets I highly suggest checking them out! I know I'll be there! If you're not in the area be sure to see if they are coming to a city near you! Otherwise be sure to tune in to hear more from Louis Futon and other artists like him at 91.7FM WNJR!

14 November 2017

"The Library"

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This weekend at Olin theater there will be performances of "The Library" a play written by acclaimed screenwriter Scott Z. Burns. The show is about a high-school student, Caitlin Gabriel, who survives a deadly shooting in her school's library, only to learn that her side of the story is being viewed with suspicion and scorn. As Caitlin struggles to set the record straight the media, the community, even her parents cling to an alternative account of the shooting that casts her in a negative light. This audacious and unnerving play,  is based in part on actual events surrounding the Columbine shooting. "The Library" directed by Bill Cameron, will be performed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 7:30pm, with a matinee on Saturday at 2:00pm. There is limited seating so please arrive early for the best seats. This event is FREE and open to the public so come by and support the arts at W&J! You'll even see our favorite publicity and events coordinator, Amina in the show!

10 November 2017

Eric Dittelman
Hello! Hope y'all are staying warm now that temperatures are dropping. Looking for activities to do indoors in this cold weather? Tonight, Friday November 10th, Eric Dittelman, a mind reader, is coming to campus to amaze us with his skill: mind reading. Dittelman combines mind reading with stand up and improvisational comedy. He was a semi-finalist on NBC's "America's Got Talent" in 2012. Along with that he has been a guest in the Ellen Show and has been featured in world renowned magazines like "Entertainment Weekly", "Rolling Stone", and "The National Enquirer". Stop by at G&Ts tonight at 8:00pm to enjoy this show!

09 November 2017

Artist Spotlight: King Henry

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Source: Twitter

Hey guys! I hope you're ready for some new music! Henry Allen, better known in the music industry as King Henry, recently released a new EP title "For You."  King Henry has worked with many big artists, including Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Diplo, and The Weeknd.  King Henry originally had no intention of working on "pop" music, but he claims that his work has helped him to grow as an artist.  King Henry's electronic style can be seen in previous songs such as "Don't Stay Away" and "Gold Dust." In his new songs "I'll Be There" and "Moment," Henry continues to expand his musical abilities.  Be sure to tune into WNJR 91.7FM to hear more from King Henry and artists like him.

Artist of the Week: Camila Cabello

Happy Thursday! As the week is approaching the weekend, now is the time to listen to the hit single by the one and only Camila Cabello. Camila is the artist from Miami, Florida that started her vocal career in 2012. She is previously known for being a member of the group Fifth Harmony, but she decided to leave the group and peruse her own solo career. It's easy to say that this decision has been great due to her releasing Havana and it reaching top ten in numerous countries, while also being number one in the UK and Canada.  At the age of 20, Camila is having a successful career and has many more hits to come. Here is Havana to lead you into the weekend, hear great music from a great artist, and even watch a hilarious video that seems to be a mini movie. Talk to you next week!