27 March 2015

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Everybody
Welcome to the Gaming Den

I have a new game to talk about and that is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the 3DS and I will do something new to this called:
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Where I will talk about the good, bad, and ugly of Majora's Mask.
The Good
The textures of Majora's Mask for the 3DS is way better than the Nintendo 64 counter part. With new detail around every corner, replaying this game feels like a new experience. Also the notes for any song learned is easily accessible, so that one could play the desired song while looking at the notes, which is great because I cannot count the number of times I forgot the notes I needed to play for a song.
The Bad
While playing through the game it kinda feels slow. There are many situations were I find myself running across a large field wondering why it is taking so long to get to where I want. I had to rush and get the Bunny Hood to even get to where I want in a reasonable amount of time.
The Ugly
File:MM3D Nintendo Direct 10.png
Source: Zelda Wiki
The Moon. That would have to be the ugliest thing about this game, just see for yourself.

Tune in Thursday's from 9pm to 10pm to listen to The Ravanator where you could listen to some music from Majora's Mask
Tune in every Thursday night at 8pm to listen to India March's show "March Madness." The show plays four different music genres; Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Country. Local music artist perform live on the air and also give exclusive interviews about their life. Randoms topics, humor, and overall a good time is what you're in for when listening to March Madness.

26 March 2015

William Cameron's Radio Show

Professor William Cameron is a radio host of his show Undercover and is also a professor in the Communication Arts department at Washington and Jefferson College. So if you want to listen to some good music and some interesting stories Tune in at 2pm on Fridays at WNJR.org or 91.7 FM. Listen and Enjoy!

Los Planetas on WNJR

Courtesy of teinteresa.es

Listen to Los Planetas (the planets) on WNJR. Los Planetas is a Spanish indie band, that started out in late 1990s in the city of Granada. The Band's first big success was the album "Super 8" with a hit "Que puedro hacer"(What can I do?) The band has been successfully performing through the 2000s. Spanish national public radio station Radio 3 has frequently played Los Planetas new masterpieces. After their first album, the group released new production which got quickly caught on in the Spanish indie scene:
"Una semana en el motor de un autobús" (A week in the engine of a bus)
Unidad de Desplazamiento" (Movement unit)
"Encuentro con entidades" (Encounter with entities)
The band also released several compilation albums, one of them being "Canciones para una orquesta química" (Songs for a chemical orchestra)
Los Planetas' songs are mostly inspired by English-language rock bands such as Joy Division and Mercury Rev. The band is considered as a key  point in the world of Spanish indie music.

25 March 2015

Attention Shakespeare Fans!

Ty Greenwood interviewed one of the actors from the American Shakespeare Center who will be in the play “Much Ado About Nothing” being performed tonight at W&J College!

If you didn't catch his live interview with Andrew Goldwasser, head to the Archive tab at wnjr.org to listen to it on our SoundCloud.  Don't miss your chance to see one of Shakespeare's most popular plays tonight at 7:30pm in W&J's own Olin Theater! Tickets are currently on sale at the box office.

"Much Ado is a play about finding your soul mate and about what to do once you’ve found him or her. It’s about the sweet pain that comes from surrendering your heart and head to the biggest love you can imagine. It’s about the friends who know you well enough to push you in the direction you ought to be going."