18 September 2017

Conor Maynard: Mi Gente Remix


Happy Monday! What better way to start your week than with a great cover song performed by Conor Maynard? Conor is a singer and songwriter from England that rose to fame in 2012 after winning MTV’s Brand New for 2012. Best known for his unique approach to popular songs, Conor’s career thrives on cover songs, while he also releases a few of his own. Including various sing offs, remixes, and freestyles, Conor entertains his fans by being a diverse artist with a multiple talents. Enjoy the hit English version of Mi Gente performed by the one and only, Conor Maynard! 

17 September 2017

Single of the Week: Rockstar

Single Album Cover

Good afternoon! Hope your weekend was a good one. This weekend Post Malone released a single, Rockstar, from his upcoming album. Featuring 21 Savage, this song is just a small sample of what the new album will be like. Post Malone has not said when he plans to release his new album, but he likes to keep his fans updated on Twitter. Want to enjoy some Hip-Hop/Rap? Tune in to WNJR every Sunday-Thursday at 7pm!

14 September 2017

A Moment Apart

A Moment Apart artwork
Source: Pitchfork

Hey guys! I hope you've all had a great summer! There's no better way to start of the school year than with a new ODESZA album! I feel like I've been waiting an eternity for this album, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. This album is ODESZA's third and was released on September 8th. The album showcases the duo's musical abilities by providing haunting vocals and layered beats. The songs combine a chill electronica feel with a variety of elements, including soul which can be heard in the song Across the Room which features artist Leon Bridges. The album almost creates a dream-like, cinematic experience. Many artists are featured on the album including RY X, Regina Spektor, Naomi Wild, and many more. They had previously release the singles Late Night and Higher Ground, which are still a few of my favorites from the album. La Ciudad and Falls are also a few of my new favorites from the album. The duo is currently touring, so be sure to check out if they're coming to a city near you! Also be sure to tune in at WNJR 91.7FM to hear more songs from ODESZA and artists like them!

12 September 2017

Tune Tuesday: Taylor Swift

Source: Lyric Genius

Taylor Swift is one of those artists that can bring up very different reactions, some people are indifferent but most either hate her or love her. Throughout her career she has been a target of a lot of media attention, especially her love life which she often writes about in her music. With the single that she put out at the end of August, "Look What You Made Me Do" Swift responded to many of the things that critics have said about her, while also commenting on issues she's had with certain artists like Kanye West and Katy Perry. When Swift released the video at the VMAs on August 27th she got everyone's attention as various news sources tried to decode all of the visual imagery.
Since it has been released the song and video broke multiple records, Swift passed Adele for most-streamed debut week by a female artist, with 84.4 million U.S. streams, and displaced "Despacito" at the top of the Hot 100 list, which also made her the first woman to top the Hot 100 list so far this year. The song also broke Spotify's first-day streams record with 10,129,087 plays in a single day, the most streams generated by any song in one day since Spotify launched. Whether or not you like Taylor Swift, you have to admit, she is impressive and record-breaking. Tune into WNJR to hear some of "old Taylor"'s music and much more!

08 September 2017

Spotlight on Greg Uhrlen

Hello hello hello! Welcome back everyone! I have some wonderful and exciting news: we have a new staff member, Greg Uhrlen!!

(L to R: Greg, Alice Cooper, Greg's wife Kara)

Greg Uhrlen attended the University of Pittsburgh and received his undergraduate degree in Information Science and received a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Waynesburg University. Before coming to W&J Greg worked for such places as Metropolitan Life, Westinghouse, General Motors and owned two small businesses of his own.

Greg now works in the Advancement Department at W&J where he serves as the Associate Director of Advancement Information Systems. He was asked by our director to join the WNJR group in May and gladly accepted. Greg has been working with radio stations since 1983, working at the University of Pittsburgh, 106.7 the Force, 105.9 the X, and 102.5 WDVE. 

When asked what he was most excited about this year Greg said "I'm most excited about working with the students and hopefully being able to offer words of wisdom, guidance and listening to their concerns, hopes and dreams beyond W&J". He's married with two young daughters and loves music.  They travel the world chasing journeys to see beaches, historical sites and rock concerts.

Don't be a stranger and come visit Greg and the crew in the basement of Burnett!! We at the station hope your summer was wonderful and wish you an even better semester peeps!!