24 November 2015

Erykah Badu New Projects

You may know her musically, her work includes elements from R&B, Hip Hop and jazz. She is best known for her role in the rise of the neo-soul subgenre. Her music has rawness that no one else has quite mastered as gracefully, and skillfully as she has. Erykah Badu has a career that spans over 15 years, she has always been unique with own beat. Making sure she perfected her craft, which is her music. she Never rushes her art to keep pace with contemporary pop artists. The invigorated woman recently gave hints to what we should expect in 2015, whether it is a new album or hot singles.

20 November 2015

The Future of Hip Hop


If you haven't checked out Future's DS2 mix-tape, you're missing out on the greatest 2015 Hip Hop mix-tape. Future came to save the game; hits like, Where Ya At and Rich $ex demonstrates his artistry and mastery of this genre of music. DS2 has had nothing but good reviews since it hit the streets and there is no sign of him stopping. Rumor has it, he is getting ready to release some more fire in the next few weeks. Future is someone Hip-Hop needs and he's making it known that 2015 is his year. If you haven't listened to DS2, you're missing out on the resuscitation of Hip-Hop.

19 November 2015

Artist Spotlight: Eryn Allen Kane

New singer-songwriter, Eryn Allen Kane, just released her jazz-influenced EP entitled "Aviary: Act1." The EP, which is only four songs, consist of the normal jazz instruments, horns and pianos, with a not so normal vocalist. Being born in Detroit, and partly in Chicago, it is clear that Kane has brought her city influences into her music. Although being somewhat out of her teens, her voice seems to be one of experience and maturity. Check out her new EP on WNJR Radio 91.7 FM.

18 November 2015

Summer Music Festivals


Hey everyone! I realize that it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I am already excited for all of the music festivals that are happening this summer! I wrote a blog post last year about Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware, and the festival has just released the line up for the summer of 2016.  The festival will be held from June 16th to the 19th, and this year you will be able to catch artists like Mumford and Sons, the Neighbourhood, Jai Wolf, and Transviolet. Passes go on sale this Friday, so get your tickets early! If you want to hear music by some of the artists that are going to be there, then be sure to tune in to Bad Dance Moves on 91.7 WNJR on Monday nights at 10PM. If you want more information on the festival you can check it out here. I hope to see you guys there this summer!

Spotlight on Carmen Carroll

Happy Hump Day everyone! For today's spotlight we have Ms. Carmen Carroll. Carmen is a native of Washington, D.C. and is a freshman here at DubJay. She will be majoring in Communication Arts: Public Relations Emphasis and a minor in Spanish. Carmen also works here at WNJR Radio! Tune in on Tuesdays at 1PM to listen to 21st Century Girl, Carmen's radio show. Her show is centered around her experiences and issues that effect her as a freshman at DubJay. She also talks about black culture on and off the campus, her feminist views, and how both are displayed in the media. So if you would like to ask Carmen questions about her hometown, her major, or anything in between you can email her here. Thanks guys and have a great day!