17 February 2017

FlashBack Friday: Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

Happy Friday! As the week ends and the weekend begins, it's time for a flashback song that many of you may know. Singing sensations Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat partnered together for one of the most memorable love songs known as "Lucky." Reaching over 100 million views on YouTube, the hit single also won the pair a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. The king of love songs and queen of vocals made a successful and meaningful song that will be around for many generations to come so without further ado, here is the hit single "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Enjoy, have a great weekend, and tune into WNJR Radio 91.7FM! 


16 February 2017

Blessings: Chance The Rapper

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Chance the Rapper
  It seems like for this rapper blessings keep falling in his lap. This year for the Grammy's Chance the rapper took home 3 Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album. The rapper won for his album, "Coloring Book," beating out performers, including Drake and Kanye West. Another fun fact for this sensational artist is he became the first black hip-hop artist to win the award since Lauryn Hill in 1999. There are some big things happening for Chance. He continues to push the envelope for music by incorporating gospel and raising the performance aspect of his musical talent. Below is his acclaimed video performance "Problem"


Artist Spotlight: BANKS


Jillian Rose Banks, more commonly know as BANKS, is an American singer and songwriter from Orange County, California.  BANKS has been described as have an alternative hip-hop or electro-pop sound.  The singer has unique vocals that blend perfectly with the electronica genre.  Her amazing voice can be heard in songs like Goddess, Beggin For Thread, and Trainwreck.  BANKS is known for her debut album, Goddess, released in 2014, and for her most recent album The Altar which was released September 30th of 2016.  If you are a fan of The Weeknd then you may have heard of BANKS before because she toured internationally with him in 2013!  Her song Waiting Game was also featured in Victoria's Secret holiday commercial that same year. Be sure to listen to WNJR to hear songs by BANKS and more artists like her!

13 February 2017

David Bowie's Grammy Wins

Source:  Esquire
David Bowie was posthumously nominated for awards in five different categories at the 59th annual Grammy's, and last night he won in all five categories, best alternative music album, best rock song, best rock performance, best recording package and best engineered non-classical album. In life Bowie was nominated for 12 Grammy's but only won in 1985 for best short-form video, so the five awards he won at the Grammy's are the first he won in the musical category. The album that won, Blackstar, was released in 2016 on Bowie's birthday, January 8th, just two days before he died on January 10th. The album was planned as a "swan song" because, although he hadn't made the information public, he had been diagnosed with liver cancer eighteen months beforehand. The lyrics reflect that Bowie was dealing with his own mortality and his impending death. David Bowie was one of the world's best selling music artists after selling an estimated 140 million records worldwide, and was one of the most influential musicians of this century.

Grammy Awards: Adele

Did anyone tune into the Grammy Awards last night? A lot of interesting things occurred, but one person who really stood out to me was, the one and only, Adele. Besides the fact that she won the Album of the Year award against other world renowned artists like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, and Drake, Song of the Year Award, Record of the Year Award, and others, what she said and did on stage was something to remember. To start off, she was very honest with herself and the crowd. Adele admitted that her new album was a "comeback" because she had not released one since 2011. Her biggest inspiration, according to her speech, is Beyoncé. "I adore you and I want you to be my mommy." She later broke her Grammy award in two so she can share her award with Beyoncé. We all have a dream and someone that inspires us to follow it. Who is your Beyoncé?