23 September 2016

Conor Maynard - Controlla Mash Up

Happy Friday! I hope your week went well and to get your weekend off to a great start here is a collaboration video from Conor Maynard. This mashup is a mixed melody ranging from R&B to Hip Hop displaying not only the incredible sounds of these songs put together, but also the incredible ranging tones of Conor. I truly hope this gets you excited for the weekend and check out the rest of his videos by following the link to his page at the end of the video.

22 September 2016

Artist Spotlight: Sonny Rollins

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Source: http://johnabbottphoto.com
Listen to Sonny Rollins hits on WNJR 91.7 FM or click Listen now.

Sonny Rollins is an American s an American jazz tenor saxophonist. Rollins is recognized as one of the most influential jazz musicians. Throughout his seven-decade career, he has recorded at least sixty albums as leader and a number of his compositions, including "St. Thomas", "Oleo", "Doxy", "Pent-Up House", and "Airegin", have become jazz standards.
WNJR offers some pieces of his Road Show album "Holding the Stage". Enjoy Sonny Rollins on WNJR and stay tuned for more.

21 September 2016

Artist Spotlight: AlunaGeorge

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and you're ready to get back in the swing of things!  A lot of great electronica albums were released this summer, one of them being AlunaGeorge's album "I Remember." AlunaGeorge are an English electronic duo, consisting of members Aluna Francis, who is on vocals and songwrites, and George Reid, who produces and provides the instrumentation.  You may have heard of AlunaGeorge featured in the songs "White Noise" by Disclosure or in "You Know You Like It" which was a collaboration with DJ Snake.  Aluna Francis also helped to write Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean." The duo produces music that is a combination of electronic and R&B sounds and can be heard in songs like "I Remember," "Not Above Love," and "Mean What I Mean."  These songs can all be heard on the new album, so be sure to check them out! If you wanna hear AlunaGeorge and other artists like them then don't forget to tune in on Monday nights at 9PM for Bad Dance Moves!

19 September 2016

Posthumous Praises- Whitney Houston

Hello everyone! School has started and along with it WNJR, whoo-hoo! With that, I'll be writing a new weekly blog about the musical genius of deceased artists, whom we keep in our music library. Today is about the wonderful, Whitney Houston.
Whitney was known for her powerful vocals in hits such as I Will Always Love You and How Will I Know.  Houston hailed from New Jersey, releasing her first album when she was just 22, giving her three No. 1 singles. She was married to singer Bobby Brown. Whitney has starred and songs featured in several movies. More information about Whitney can be found here. To hear some of her angelic vocals tune in here or 91.7FM, but in the meantime here's a live performance of Whitney's Do You Hear What I Hear.

Call it a Comeback

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The WNJR Staff is exciting to be back in the radio station hosting shows and letting our listeners know what's new! This year is full surprises with returning host and new host, giving WNJR a great array of music selections and topics on the radio. The "Sonnieside up Show" with uncle and Sonnie and Nephew Dom has caught campus by storm!  They have already started shows and given out T-shirts to supporters make sure to tune in and see what the fuss is about on Tuesday at 10pm. Be sure to listen more regularly for some familiar voices like "21st Century Girl" with Carmen J. Carroll and "Bad Dance Moves"with Danielle and Jess. And new voices!