March 26, 2014

World Views Wednesday

The guest of last Thursday's International Experience Nicolas Pinedo, from Mexico talked about his country's most popular sport Soccer.

(Joseph)J: Nicolas, what is the most appreciated sport in your country ?
(Nicolas)N: Well, Americans call it Soccer but we call it football
J: So, you like European football more than American one?
N: Yes, exactly my country has several strong teams and footballers. From local teams they usually go to Europe to play in more competitive atmosphere.
J: Can you name the most well-known footballers from Mexico?
N: Nowadays, Chicharito is highly appreciated, he plays for Manchester United in England, it is one of the best teams in Europe.
J: Which is your favorite soccer team?
N: As a Mexican I would say Guadalajara, because it is my local team and I think everybody should support his or her own local teams.
J: And in general, which team do you like the most?
N: Football Club Barcelona still remains the top position in my heart.
J: Oh nice choice, I guess it is because of Rafael Marquez who played for Barca some years ago.
N: May be but Barca is still the best without him.
J: All right, I think I know the answer but I will still ask you the question of today's world of soccer: Messi or Ronaldo?
N: Well, of course Lionel Messi.
(Barca is nickname of Football Club Barcelona )

March 25, 2014

New Music Tuesdays!

We've moved, everyone! New Music blog posts will now be on Tuesdays!

This week on our top lists is Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden.  Their newest album, "The Shape The Color The Feel" is the essence of an indie CD with the focus being on the lyrics and instrumentation blending together to create one haunting sound.  The songs "Hangover" and "The State I'm In" jump out of the album with two different sounds.  Where "Hangover" is more upbeat, "The State I'm In" employs mellow tones mixed with guitar to almost lull you to sleep.

Starting out again in Nashville, the band has already had songs featured in TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, and MTV features.  On tour at the moment, the next few shows will be in Nashville, St. Louis, and Akron, OH.

Check out their website here!

March 19, 2014

Radio Drama: "Last Stop, Buck Creek"

Performed LIVE by: Carley Adams, Emily Bitting, Brock Bolyard, Evan Fuentes, Michael Hornak, Adam Kmett, Brittany Lander, Olivia Long, Bailey Mudrick, and Melissa Sarnicke.

Spring Break

It is quiet on campus this week but you'll hear more music than usual on WNJR.  Some of our syndicated shows won't air, but will return next week: Democracy Now, This Way Out, A Way With Words, Jazzin' Around, The New Jazz Archive, LA Theatre Works, and 12th Street Jump.

March 14, 2014

A big shout out to the cast of 
Last Stop, Buck Creek
for a fantastic show!
WNJR is proud to promote the communication arts
and radio education at Washington & Jefferson College.  
Thank you for listening and supporting our students!

March 13, 2014

New Music Thursday!

Released March 1st of last year, Jacob Latham's album "Midnight Train" is still a good choice if you're looking for something new to listen to.  This talented 18 year old plays the mandolin and harmonica as well as other instruments and toured with his family's band since he was 12. 

Striking out on his own, Jacob combined a folksy/country sound with blues and a bit of They Might Be Giants-type music style. Altogether, it's a melodic and lyrically talented EP that is worth a listen. Definitely "mood music."

"Midnight Train," the title song, is melancholy and has a distinct blues feeling to it that makes anyone yearn for the simpler country life.  "Pay Attention to the Rain" and "John Brown" are more upbeat and show Jacob's passion for lyrical writing by covering topics like a couple on the run for robbery and murder, and violent revolutionaries.

Check out Jacob's website where you can buy a download of the EP, follow him on twitter or Facebook, and watch his schedule to see where he's touring now!

March 12, 2014

World Views Wednesday

Last week on "International Experience," host Joseph Jorjoliani interviewed international exchange student Willyam Menezes.

Menezes (pictured left) discussed many topics about his home country, Brazil. The following is part of his interview, where he shares his views about Brazilian politics.
Joseph (J): Willyam, every country, even the wealthy ones have challenges and problems to overcome, so what is the biggest struggle in Brazil right now?
Willyam (W): Well, like in every society, politics play a huge role in Brazilian social life. People always debate about politics, TVs always show a lot of political scandals. And our main problem is basically connected to politicians' irresponsible and self-centered behaviors.
J: What do you mean by irresponsible and self-centered behaviors?
W: The politicians determine how to spend money incorrectly, and they always try to steal and that seems pretty obvious to people.
J: You have a new government right now, and I see you are not satisfied with the job it has done so far. Did you ever support this party who governs the country now?
W: Actually, I was always totally against Dilma Rousseff, the new president. I never trusted her and now more and more people are becoming frustrated, and she is losing the trust of society.
J: So Willyam, is the problem corruption in the government?
W: Oh absolutely, and it is so obvious.
 J: But Brazil's economy is fifth largest growing among other countries of the world.
 W: We are developing but I think more money has to be spent on fighting against poverty, because many people are still poor. As I know the poverty line is about 21% in Brazil.

March 10, 2014


WNJR Washington is radio for listeners in Washington County and around the world.

WNJR plays an eclectic variety of music, news, live performances, and hosts a number of interesting discussions daily.  Students and staff from Washington & Jefferson College, along with community members from around town, work hard and together make this station truly unique. 

WNJR staff and volunteers strive to create quality programming and relationships via the airwaves and webstream. 

Starting next Monday, there will be a listener or volunteer featured on this segment of the website: radio for listeners.

Please contact if you are interested in sharing what you love about WNJR.

March 7, 2014

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday
Washington & Jefferson- ese

1.  Dubjay: Washington and Jefferson College is a mouthful isn't it? W&J just sounds too proper. Dubjay is the choice word when referring to our proud institution.
 "I hear that Dubjay tied in the rose bowl in 1923." 

2. Swype: It isn't just an ID, its also your source of food, and key to your dorm. Don't lose it or you will be out $15.
  "Dana, did you loose your Swype again?!"

3. Gnts: George and Tom's place is the real name of dubjay's fast-food dining hall
  "I think I'll get a Deli Combo at Gnts for dinner" 

4. Kommakazi's: The slightly politically incorrect name for the commons, the main dinning hall at dub jay. 
   "I saw a mouse in Kommakazi's today during lunch!"

5. Pastability: Derived from the special at gnts called "Pastabilities" in which you get a made to order pasta dish. Used in place of the word possibility. 
  "Do you think that it is going to snow today?…. Yes, its a high pastability!"

6. Wichi Quax: The title of some cheer that we supposedly use at football games. Originally made up to make fun of Princeton's cheer. Never heard actually cheered except at matriculation, convocation, and graduation. 
 "wichi quax quax quax, jay saysaysay jay saysaysay jayjayjay"

7. Uncommon Integrity: its what all graduates of dub jay posses, or at least for the amount of times it is used in speeches we are brain washed to believe we possess by the time we graduate.
 "Charlie West possessed uncommon integrity" 

March 6, 2014

Cease to Exist THIS WEEKEND

By William Cameron

Make sure to stop by Olin Fine Arts Center to support the WNJR community involved in the production CEASE TO EXIST.

This play was written by William Cameron, Communication Arts professor, who is currently teaching Advanced Storytelling: Radio Drama & Documentary.

Staff members involved in this show include Assistant Station Manager Allyse Corbin as Patricia Krenwinkel, Jimmy Schrecengost as Charles Manson, and Carley Adams as Deborah Tate.

Also appearing in the show is Jessica Zack, who was the co-writer and co-producer of the WNJR Fall 2013 radio drama As the Bell Tolls.

 Ty Greenwood, Adrian Elizondo, Fiona Randall, and Matt McKnight are also cast members.

The show was directed by Dr. Karin Maresh, who is an associate professor of Theatre and Communication Arts here at Washington & Jefferson College.

The show is FREE and will run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 7:30p.m. and Saturday afternoon at 2:00p.m. on Olin stage.

New Music Thursday!

St. Vincent (Annie Erin Clark) is an American singer-songwriter who just released her self-titled album on February 25th.  Check out this Gaga-esque looking artist's fourth album and experience her addicting electronic indie pop sound that you can't hear anywhere else at the moment.

A multi-instrumentalist, she mixes a fun electronic beat with surprisingly well-crafted lyrics. No matter what kind of mood that you're in, St. Vincent can deliver the perfect mix of sounds you're looking for. "Digital Witness" is bright, playful, and confident while "I Prefer Your Love" hits the slow, melancholy feeling to keep the listener engaged.

Rolling Stone writer Jon Dolan wrote that: "the playful way these songs contort makes pain feel like a party." St. Vincent herself said that the album comes across as "a party record you could play at a funeral."

By those statements alone, do you need any other reason to check her out? Didn't think so.

But hey! Can't get enough? Don't miss your chance to see St. Vincent LIVE IN PITTSBURGH April 11, 2014 at Stage AE before she goes across the pond to tour in Europe! General admission is $29.85/seat. See Stage AE webpage or box office for details.

March 3, 2014

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