May 29, 2013

Summer 2013 Updates

Campus is mostly quiet again after W&J's 214th Commencement, but many of the WNJR community volunteer hosted programs continue throughout the summer.  Check the Broadcast Schedule (tab above) for details.

There are some changes to the schedule for summer.  Morning jazz will continue until noon on weekdays--the 11:00 am re-broadcast of Al Jazeera English news will resume in September.  12th Street Jump, The New Jazz Archive, A Way With Words, Big Picture Science, and Philosophy Talk will take a break for the summer but will return to the schedule in September.

WNJR will be off air for a few weeks beginning in late June for some equipment maintenance.  Between now and then you may notice some occasional hiss and/or static in our broadcast signal--the source of this problem is the equipment that will be overhauled in June and July.  Until the repairs are completed, disruptions in our signal will probably be more frequent as temperatures rise.

Our streaming server stopped working this morning.  A new webstreaming service will be operational by mid to late June.

May 19, 2013

"I'll have another 'Mancini' please."

The music of Mr. Henry Mancini is the focus of our Mid-May JAZZ Hi Rotation list. Pittsburgh claims Henry Mancini as a hometown musician, having grown up in West Aliquippa. After his stint at Juilliard and the U. S. Army during WW II, during which he helped liberate a concentration camp, H.R began his composing and arranging career in television. His work on the shows Peter Gunn and Mr.Lucky are represented on our list by jazz pianists Dave Grusin and Harold Maybern. Another tune from Peter Gunn is 'Dreamsville' sung here by his daughter Monica Mancini and Kenny Rankin. Mr. M was nominated for an unprecedented 72 GRAMMY Awards during his lifetime, winning 20 of those. His 18 ACADEMY AWARD Nominations included 4 wins:  Moon River-best song, Breakfast at Tiffany's-best score, The Days of Wine and Roses-best song and Victor,Victoria-best score. One of his most joyous works was the Theme from The Pink Panther heard by Jazz great James Moody on WNJR. Filling out our 'Hank' tribute is vocalist Tiana Hall with Two for the Road. The music of Henry Mancini will survive the test of centuries and we have it all right here now on WNJR FM. Thanks for the tunes Man! WE DO JAZZ!

May 8, 2013


Johnny Morgan is in the house for Oldies [RAW]! 
The thermometer is growing! Tune in to Adam for the rest of the hour (until 10:00pm) If you'd like to be a part of our RADIORAGER, call 724-223-6039 ext 9! There are also directions on this website on donating under the "Support Us" tab.


Sophomore Adam Kmett ends his semester-long musical journey around the world in Detroit! 


Senior John Zustra hosts "Hour of Power". 


After a semester long hiatus, Country with Cowboy Curt returns to WNJR's airwaves! 

Indie Cup 2013

WNJR has put our in-house hipsters against each other in a battle of epic proportions. 
This year, our new music shows, Sundry Lunch and Patton Procured are competing to see who will receive the most call-in donations. 

At the end of the day, the host with the most donations will receive the "Indie Cup" and bragging rights for the following year.

Call (724) 223-6039, extension 9 to make your pledge! 

As of 5:00PM, Patton Procured is in the lead by 5 cents. That's right, the Indie Cup has come down to one nickel. 

Of course, Chris Teagarden believes we all are winners at 91.7 WNJR. 

Good luck Ashley and Ben! May the calls be ever in your favor. 

2:00 PM

Chris Teagarden and Ashley Patton are excited about radioRAGER! 


radioRAGER 3:00 am

Pictured is staff member Allyse Corbin, awaiting your calls! 

radioRAGER 2:00 AM

radioRAGER has started! TUNE IN NOW!


radioRAGER 2013 Schedule

Tune in to our 24-hour sign-off today and enjoy an eclectic mix of programming!