January 16, 2018

R&B Reboot!

R&B Reboot

Happy New Year and welcome back to another great year with WNJR. As the returning R&B music director, I am pleased to give you new music and sounds this semester. Please join me weekly as I update you on what's hot and new! Starting off this week I am featuring one of the most talked about records of 2017. Many of you know it for it's break out hit "Crew"by Goldlinks, but few know the true essence of the entire album. "At What Cost" entails the journey of DMV (DC Maryland Virginia)  native Goldlinks through love, loss, and success. It is an album full of avant garde sounds and rhythms. In my opinion it was the ultimate summer record full of a somewhat jazzy relaxing sound. Songs like "summatime" and "Mediation" made you either dance or listen and "Crew"buzzed in everyone's ear in 2017. So as I close this R&B reboot, I encourage you all to listen to "At What Cost."

January 15, 2018

Music Monday: Manuel Turizo


Happy Monday everyone! As the week if off to a great start, here is a song from Manuel Turizo Zapata “Una Lady Como Tu.” The song was released in 2016 and gained him widespread popularity in Latin America.  While this song is what started him career essentially, it was also nominated for Kids’ Choice Award Colombia for Favorite Song in 2017.  Coming from a family of musical talent, while Manuel’s brother and father are both musicians, he definitely is considered one of the best in the family after the release of “Una Lady Como Tu.” I hope you enjoy this tune and check out more of Mauel’s music on YouTube! Have a great week and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day