March 31, 2016

New Music Alert: Weezer 4/1/2016

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 Weezer's new album will be released tomorrow, April 1st. This is no April Fool's joke! The band released several singles from the album over the past few months, the first of which was "Thank God for Girls," which came out in October 2015. Weezer is also heading out on tour with Panic! at the Disco this summer... you can be sure that Jess and I will be there! Be sure to check out the white album tomorrow and tune in to Bad Dance Moves Mondays at 10 PM to hear our thoughts!

Artist Spotlight: Grimes


Grimes is a Canadian singer and songwriter who has recently become a big name in the electronica music genre.  With more of an experimental vibe, Grimes is able to create a mixture of vocal elements and span multiple genera.   With hits like "Genesis," "Flesh without Blood," and "Oblivion" it is easy to hear Grime's unique style of music.  Grime's tour schedule is pretty full for this summer, and you can check her out at music festivals like Coachella, Hangout Music Festival, and Lollapalooza.  Also be sure to tune in to WNJR on Monday nights at 10PM for Bad Dance Moves to hear Grimes and more artists like her!

Tune Thursday: Karmin

            Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope your week is going well and hopefully this will make it even better! There's nothing more exciting than a cover song that is as good as the original or even better. Karmin is a duo that graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2008. After graduating, they began recording cover songs which eventually got them signed to Epic Records and in 2016 they got married! This group is one to remember and the only true way to experience the amazing talent from this group, you must here there cover to "Look At Me Now" originally performed by Chris Brown, Busta Ryhmes, and Lil Wayne. Enjoy!

March 30, 2016

'The Life of Pablo' Release

After many Kanye West fans heard about his unreleased album 'The Life of Pablo', everyone has been on the hunt for it. Whether they had access to a special link that had the whole album or whether they looked it up on YouTube, some are still anticipating the release. Luckily, Spotify and iTunes just released 'Famous', his song featuring Rihanna, and Í Love Kanye' and it is a hit! There is still no word on whether the Pablo Kanye is talking about is Pablo Picasso, Juan Pablo Montoya, or Pablo Escobar.

March 17, 2016

Black Blessings- Langston Hughes

Hello party people, it's Thursday and I know you've been sick of not getting a Black Blessing early in the week, but I have come to your rescue! I have heard the call and brought with me Mr. Langston Hughes.
Langston Hughes is possibly the most famous poet remembered from the Harlem Renaissance. He often wrote about the struggles of Blacks and served life lessons to follow, such as never giving up, staying strong, and believing in yourself. For more about Mr. Hughes visit here. Below is Langston Hughes himself reading his poem, The Negro Speaks of Rivers.

Artist Spotlight: Tanerélle


Tanerélle is a new artist combining multiple types of genres into her music. With a combination of indie, electronic, and R&B she is able to create a new style of music in her single "Siren." Tanerélle is originally from Atlanta and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream.  She is an independent artist and is hoping to put out a new EP for the summer.  You can find "Siren" on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud, and if you are interested you can listen to it here! You can tell that music is Tanerélle's passion, and I hope you guys check her out!  If you want to hear Tanerélle or artists similar to her, then don't forget to tune in on Monday nights at 10PM to Bad Dance Moves!

March 15, 2016

Song Spotlight: Ultralight Beam

Ultralight Beam 
 In Ultralight Beam it seems as though Kanye is returning back to the old Kanye. The Kanye that made music to be thought-provoking. Ultralight Beam reminds me of "The College Drop," Late Registration," and "Graduation." Albums tailored-made for the audience that has followed him from the beginning. Ultralight Beam is about Kanye's faith in God this specific track has parallel between The Life of Pablo and the life of Saint Paul the Apostle. In the story Paul (Saul, before he changed his name) would travel to persecute Christians until he heard the voice of God and converted. This track talks about fighting off the devils of our everyday life and keeping the faith, when it seems all is lost. The Pentecostal choir in the background creates a sense of a church and soul atmosphere. If you are feeling like all hope is lost and want some encouragement, give Kanye a try. It seems as though we may be getting the old Kanye back. Listen to Ultralight Beam

Tune Tuesday: Patty Walters

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I know you all were waiting all week to here another Tune Tuesday cover so here you go! This is Patty Walters covering the one and the only "Teenage Dirtbag" originally made by Wheatus. Patty Walters started out as a teenager posting cover songs once a week and now he is signed with his new band to Fearless Records. I hope you all enjoy this awesome cover and check in next Tuesday for the next cover song and tune in every Friday to 91.7FM to hear my show "March Badness!"

March 11, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Zayn

Source: Direct Lyrics

What happens when a singer leaves a multi-million boy band to go solo? A hit single apparently (Surprised? Me too). Zayn Malik is known as one fifth of the boy band One Direction. Zayn provided the quintet with a silky falsetto and a little diversity. I know everyone was wondering (especially me), what could Zayn possibly do now that is more successful than his career with his group members? But lucky for us all, he has proved the naysayers wrong. Zayn released his first solo record Pillow Talk and it has been making waves for a while now. Most are surprised by the adult lyrics and the R&B sound that his "directioners" aren't use to. However, who cares? Zayn is making amazing music that seems to reach the masses. Tune into WNJR Radio 91.7FM for a listen (:

March 10, 2016

Artist Spotlight: The Palms

 Hey everyone, hope your week is going well and you're ready to discover some new artists! The Palms is a band based in Los Angeles consisting of members Johnny Zambeti and Ben Rothbard. With songs like "Public Enemy #1," "Breakin' Up," and "Headphones" the band perfectly embodies the feeling of a summer night in LA. My personal favorite from the band is the song "Push Off." The band has more of an indie or alternative vibe, but if you are interested there is an electronic remix of "Push Off" which you can check out here!  The Palms are not on iTunes yet but you can check them out on SoundCloud or even buy their EP on bandcamp! If you're interested in hearing more by The Palms or by artists similar to them then don't forget to tune in on Monday nights at 10PM to Bad Dance Moves!

March 9, 2016

Kendrick Lamar : untitled unmastered

 Kendrick Lamar's untitled unmastered was recently released unannounced, but that didn't stop it from gaining attention from people universally. If you have ever listened to Kendrick, you would know that his music is not just beats and rhymes, but an attempt to send a message through his lyrics. This has prompted a world-wide contest, beginning TODAY on Twitter at 4 p.m !! Kendrick has high hopes that his audience pays attention to the latent content of his lyrics, engaging in thought as they rap along. During the duration of the contest, Kendrick will pose 8 questions about the tracks on his newly released album. Once you Tweet your response, followed by #untitledlyrics, you're entered to win a "K-Dot"package. If you are a true Kendrick fan, one who understands the message behind the man, follow this link for more details on how to enter and win untitled unmastered Twitter Contest .. Good Luck !!!

P.S. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you check out the album like now !! In the mean time, check out track number 2 {above}.

Friday Show: Country

Good morning, y'all! As I begin putting things together so I can have a successful country playlist, I am excited to announce that every Friday between 1:00PM and 2:00PM there will be great country music playing. Although I will begin with old country hits, I will be progressing towards a more modern playlist as time goes on. Hope you guys tune into WNJR 91.7 Friday from 1-2PM. Have a great rest of your week!

March 8, 2016

Black Blessings- Claude McKay

Hello everyone I know it's only Tuesday, but I thought you guys could use an early dose this week. So today we're spotlighting Claude McKay!
Claude McKay was born in Jamaica. He was a large influence in the Harlem Renaissance. His books and poems highlighted life as a Black individual in Jamaica and in white America. His bitterness towards racism wasn't hidden or unjustified. If you would like to know more about Mr. McKay, click here! Below is the reading of his poems "If We Must Die" and "White House"with some extraordinary imagery in the video.

March 4, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Megan Wilde

Source: Innocent Words

Megan Wilde has released an EP entitled Wildfire on May 19, 2015. Although I am a little late in getting my hands on it (remember: better late than never), there is no denying this independent artist's talent. Sultry. Effortless. Dark. Timeless. Elegant. Intelligent. This is only a few words that begin to describe Megan's piece of art. The EP consist of only 4 songs yet covers an array of topics. She speaks to the young and the old as her music holds no boundaries. Make sure you tune into WNJR Radio 91.7FM for a listen into Wildfire.

March 3, 2016

Black Blessings- Josephine Baker

Hello all! It's Thursday! I hope you're all having a great day and staying safe. Today we have the lovely and gorgeous Josephine Baker in our presence!
Josephine Baker was an American-born French actress, singer, and civil rights activist. She was one of France's highest paid performers. She was earned the nicknames "Black Venus" or  "Black Pearl".  She worked for the French Resistance in World War II. When she died in 1975, she was buried with military honors. To learn more about Josephine, click here. Below is a video of Josephine's famous banana dance.

Artist Spotlight: Kiiara


Kiiara is a new name in the music industry, but her music is infectious and no disappointment. With her unique voice and music style she will no doubt be an artist to look out for.  Her chopped vocals sit perfectly with the electronic beats in songs like "Gold" and "Feels" which can be found on iTunes. You can also listen to "Gold" in the video above! If those two songs aren't enough for you then you can check out Kiiara on SoundCloud and listen to my personal favorite "Tennessee." The 20 year old is expected to release a new EP titled "Meet Me in the Cornfield" in the near future, so be sure to keep a lookout.  If you want to hear more songs by Kiiara or similar artists then be sure to tune in on Monday nights at 10PM for Bad Dance Moves on 91.7FM WNJR!

Happy Thursday!

So I'm blogging late this week, but I wanted to remind you to tune in to my show West Toast on Wednesdays.  Every week I focus on the career, background and artistry of an original west coast hip hop artist, as well as play some other west coast hip hop and other genres.  So far I've covered Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, and next week I'll be focusing on Tupac! 
Tune in on Wednesdays at 4PM on 91.7FM WNJR.

March 1, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Bryson Tiller

Image result for Bryson Tiller 

Bryson Tiller 
Tiller is one of the artist that was not expected, yet accepted with open arms by all audiences. He is essential for the brokenhearted, who needed someone to tell them 
"Girl that man didn't show any effort,
do all I can just to show you, you're special. 
Certain it's your love that holds me together." (Don't, Tiller). 
Finally a man who is not just rapping or singing about that "one thing". A man that actually cares about the feelings of women. We have not seen artistry like this since Frank Ocean. Now of course his songs varies from break up songs to more upbeat songs, but the title of his album (Trapsoul) explains his entire album. Not only will you be nodding your head but you'll be thinking about the special someone as well. I highly recommend giving Bryson Tiller a try.