November 30, 2016

America in Transition: The Conversation Continues...

If you attended last Monday’s panel on the 2016 presidential election, you know that it was a thoughtful and spirited discussion.   This Thursday, December 1 from 8 to 9 pm on WNJR 91.7 FM, we will continue this conversation on-air.  In light of the new political reality facing America, we continue to ask how a Trump presidency came to be and what it might mean for our collective future.  Drs. Ryan Bunting (Education), Nichole Fifer (Political Science), and David Kieran (History) will address these and other relevant matters in an on-air panel discussion.  Joining them will be students Ty Greenwood and Keira Frazier.  Patrick Montague, a trained mediator and peace builder from Ireland, rounds out the panel.

Please join us for what promises to be a fascinating and well-informed colloquy on WNJR, 91.7 FM, from 8 to 9 p.m. on Thursday December 1. 

November 17, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Purity Ring

Purity Ring 2
Source: Go Indeep Music
Purity Ring is a Canadian electronic duo that formed in 2010.  The duo consists of members Megan James who does the vocals, and Corin Roddick who does the instrumentals.  The band's sound has been described as witch house and ambient, which fall within the electronica category.  The group's first album "Shrines" was released in 2012 and their most recent album "Another Eternity" was released in 2015.  With songs like "Fineshrine," "Begin Again," and "Bodyache" the band is able to encompass the electronica genre.  The band has played in many festivals in the past so be sure to keep an eye out for their name! Don't forget to tune into 91.7FM to hear more songs by Purity Ring and other artists like them!

November 10, 2016

Interview with Kyle Simpson and Tom Kurlander & Ticket Giveaway

Happy Thursday everyone! We're so close to the weekend. On Tuesday we had guests filmmaker Tom Kurlander and W&J's own Kyle Simpson  in the station.
                                                   L to R: Kyle S., Amina B., Tom K.

Although the topics varied from voting to music, the duo were here to promote their extraordinary event A Rock Symphony and the organization they're a part of, 21Voices. The website is full of information about the event, Alzheimer's, and the vision the group has and their goal. The funding of their documentary comes from the concerts they've held so if you're not busy the wonderful event is this Saturday, November 12th, at 7PM in Cranberry Township. The duo and organization have also been kind enough to give us 8 FREE TICKETS to the event. If you're interested in a ticket be sure to email before they're all gone! If you would like to listen to the interview click here.

November 5, 2016

Alex Aiono and William Singe : Mash Up

Happy Friday! 
The artist spotlight for this week is Alex Aiono and William Singe for their mash up cover song to Confessions by Usher, Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd, and No Problem by Chance the Rapper. The dynamic duo wait was far overdue and fans couldn't be more excited. I hope you enjoy this creative and talented group of young men. To hear more visit their YouTube pages.

November 2, 2016

Watch Out Artist: Chloe and Halle

Watch Out: Chloe and Halle 
These two phenomenal sister have struck a heart in the R&B world with their crazy vocals and amazing spunk and style. They got their start on YouTube covering songs. In 2013, after their cover for "Pretty Hurts" went viral with nearly 12 million views, Beyoncé then signed them to her management Parkwood Entertainment. After that, they have appeared on numerous Award Shows and in the famous film "Lemonade." If you haven't gotten into the "gag"that is Chloe and Halle I recommend you listen to a cover song by them. You instantly become a fan!

Artist Spotlight: Woodes

Source: Woodes Music

Woodes is an upcoming Melbourne based singer, song-writer, and producer in the electronica genre.  She has a background in classical music and began singing and writing songs with the accompaniment of the piano in high school.  Woodes, now 24 years old, has recently released her first self-titled EP "Woodes." Woodes has a very whimsical, airy, and folksy feel to her voice and lyrics, while keeping with the electronica genre.  This style can be found throughout the EP, but can especially be seen in the songs "Daggers & Knives," "The Thaw," and "Poison." If you have not heard of Woodes then she is definitely an artist to look out for.  You can hear more by Woodes and other artists like her by tuning in to 91.7 FM!

November 1, 2016

Posthumous Praise: David Bowie

Hello listeners of WNJR, today our praise goes to David Bowie.

Courtesy of: Roger Ebert

David Bowie was born in South London and was exposed to music by his older half-brother, who later committed suicide, becoming the focal point of Bowie's later song Jump They Say.  Bowie gained recognition overseas and in America in 1969 with the single Space Oddity. Bowie was a musical genius, but his love was not limited to music. With the sales of his albums going through the roof, Bowie appeared in The Man Who Fell To Earth in 1970.  To learn more about Bowie and his later years go here. To try and catch some tunes by Bowie, tune into 91.7FM or go here. Below is Bowie's hit Space Oddity.