May 10, 2012

WNJR staff for the 2012-13 academic year

Liz Pace, Station Manager

Sara Bugajski, Music Director
Jake Campbell, Production Director
Allyse Corbin, Publicity Director
Dana Ringer, Sponsorship Director
Khyati Thakore, Program Director

Carley Adams, Publicity Assistant
Hannah Aloia, Office Assistant
Josa Barinas, Program Assistant
Maylin Burns, Office Assistant
Gretchen Cline, Music Assistant
Matt Egelman, Music Assistant
Erikka Loper, Production Assistant
DeAndre Simmons, Sponsorship Assistant
Candace Woods, Music Assistant

May 7, 2012

RadioRaiser Line-up!

12-1am:(PRANCE)ylvania-Bob & John
1-2am:The Return of GiggleFart-Damian
2-3am:OK Radio-Matt
THISISUS: The Reunion-Dan & Liz
4-5am:Testa’s Live Set-Jake Testa
5-6am:Wobble Bass-Bob & JLee
6-7am:Haaaaave You Met Ted?-Dana & Khyati
8-9am:Patton Pending-Ashley & Liz
9-11am:Big Daddy Jazz Radio-Patrick
11am-12pm:It’s a ‘Burgh Thing: The Pittsburgh Jazz Connection-Jonathan
12-1pm:Sundry Lunch-Ben
1-2pm:The Chris Teagarden Show-Chris
2-3pm:Coffee Break-Olivia
3-4pm:Patryse-Allyse & Friend(s)
4-5pm:Fresh Bread-Myron Jones
5-6pm:Oldies Jukebox-Johnny Morgan
6-7pm:Buena Musica-Gibran
7-8pm:The Sound of 412-Sweetness
8-9pm:Spend Dean McCrae’s Money-Dean McCrae Produced by Tyler Fox
9-10pm:Ring Ching Radio-Allie & Sara
10-11pm:The World That Never Was-Jimmy
11pm-12am:Senior Sign Off-WNJR Seniors