January 18, 2015

"Lost" Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Broadcast on MLK Day 2015

Image source: current.org

A recently discovered recording of a Reverend King speech will be aired on Democracy Now, broadcast on WNJR at 11:00 am.  

During his visit to the United Kingdom in December, 1964 (while on the way to Oslo to accept the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize), King addressed an overflow crowd at the City Temple hall in central London, and Pacifica European correspondent Saul Bernstein was there to record it.  Dr. King discussed the history of slavery, Supreme Court rulings, Greek philosophy, the concept of non-violence, the fight against segregation, the registration of Black voters, and the struggle to end hate and bigotry across the planet.  King also read a prepared text on the situation at the time in South Africa, voicing support of a unified World Nation policy that would impose sanctions on the country to force an end to apartheid.