January 18, 2015

"Lost" Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Broadcast on MLK Day 2015

Image source: current.org

A recently discovered recording of a Reverend King speech will be aired on Democracy Now, broadcast on WNJR at 11:00 am.  

During his visit to the United Kingdom in December, 1964 (while on the way to Oslo to accept the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize), King addressed an overflow crowd at the City Temple hall in central London, and Pacifica European correspondent Saul Bernstein was there to record it.  Dr. King discussed the history of slavery, Supreme Court rulings, Greek philosophy, the concept of non-violence, the fight against segregation, the registration of Black voters, and the struggle to end hate and bigotry across the planet.  King also read a prepared text on the situation at the time in South Africa, voicing support of a unified World Nation policy that would impose sanctions on the country to force an end to apartheid.

January 13, 2015


Listen to the Ten Cities project on WNJR.

Between Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 TEN CITIES project brought together producers and musicians from five different cities in Europe ( Berlin, Kiev, Bristol, Naples and Lisbon) to five cities in Africa (Cairo, Johannesburg, Lagos, Luanda and Nairobi). All the musicians were invited to collaborate and work together in sticky studios and blacked out rooms across the African continent.

The project put together about 50 producers and musicians from the ten cities selected.  Ten Cities attempts to try something new, while looking for common ground it is also seeking to empathize the differences between the genres brought together in this project. As a result hip-hop from the squats of Naples, bass music from Bristol, experimental techno from Berlin or jazz-tinged deep-house from Kiev are thrust upon the pumping kuduro of Luanda, the free-thinking crackled electronica of Cairo, afro-jazz from Lagos or the Sheng street-slang of Kenyan rap.

You can listen to all these great recordings on WNJR 91.7 FM.

Octa Push - Khuchende Halala ft Isaac
Pinch - Are You Coming With Us? ft Temi Oyedele
Pinch - Are You Coming With Us? ft Temi Oyedele
Pinch - Are You Coming With Us? ft Temi Oyedele
Pinch - Are You Coming With Us? ft Temi Oyedele
Dirty Paraffin - Choborops ft Hannes Teichmann
Lunabe & Djeff - Temedo ft MC Sacerdote & MC Yolanda Noivada
Batida - Mama Wototo ft Cannibal
Just A Band & Octapush - Boom Boom Boom
Lunabe - Quero Falar ft MC Sacerdote
Rob Smith - Work! ft Jah Device & Sasha Perera
Wura Samba & Gebruder Teichmann
Diamond Version, Bikya & Wetrobots
 Vakula & Planet Lindela - Ten Cities Masala ft Okmalumkoolkat, Thuli Mdlalose, Tshepang Ramoba & Moonchild
Perera Elsewhere - Ebora (Spirits) ft Aremu
Dubmasta, Hannes Teichmann & Leon Ersamus - 10 Henry Nxumalo Street ft Afurakan
Diamond Version, Bikya & Wetrobots
Afrologic - Omode Mewa (Ten Little Children) ft Aremu, Temi Oyedele & Wuru Samba
Vakula & Planet Lindela - Jozi Sunset
Oren Gerlitz - Orange Green ft Karun

Written By: Joseph