May 3, 2018

New Artist to Watch: Kohli Calhoun

Hey guys, before we leave for the summer I wanted to let you know about a new artist. Kohli Calhoun is a Brooklyn based singer songwriter, she had issues with a former producer who she left in 2008 which led to a personal dark period. She was helped by a songwriting community that got her back in touch with her artistic side again, and in the past year she put together a whole album and had it released. My personal favorite of her singles from that album is "Take me away" here is a video of her performing that song live:
If you want to hear more of Kohli Calhoun you can go to her website where you can see her tour dates. She'll be playing in Newark and Colombus Ohio which are both fairly close to Washington, so if you're interested you should go see her live in August. Or you can listen to WNJR and hear her on the radio anytime!