"DubJay at Home" (Summer 2020)

91.7 FM WNJR presents DubJay at Home:

Every President has a story to tell. During the COVID-19 pandemic, WNJR’s summer work-study students are producing a series of remote interviews with students, faculty, and staff from across the Washington & Jefferson College community.

DubJay at Home #9: Stevie Berberick

WNJR host Arianna Taylor talks with W&J Communication Arts professor Stevie Berberick, Ph.D. about the upcoming Fall Semester and how students, faculty, and staff may be affected by the current social and political climate--including a global pandemic, social distancing guidelines, civil unrest, and mental health. (Recorded 07/23/2020)

DubJay at Home #8: Rob Nelson

WNJR host Leo Ofili talks with W&J alum Rob Nelson ’19 about being a double Art and Psychology major, his experiences studying abroad in Europe, and some of the social and political changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Recorded 07/26/2020)

DubJay at Home #7: Karin Maresh

WNJR host Jessica Scott talks with W&J Communication Arts professor Karin Maresh about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the theatre industry, and how the Theatre program at W&J is adapting its courses and stage productions for the Fall 2020 semester. (Recorded 07/20/2020)

DubJay at Home #6: Marissa Krall

WNJR host Taylor Wolf talks with Marissa Krall, Coordinator of Student Activities and Organizations at W&J. They discuss the Student Activities Board’s plan for safe events in the upcoming fall semester, as well as Marissa’s personal background at W&J. (Recorded 07/17/2020)

DubJay at Home #5: Karon McCloskey

WNJR host Arianna Taylor talks with Magellan Project student and 2019 Geary Award recipient Karon McCloskey ’22 about adapting to the unique situation she faced when her study abroad trip to China was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Recorded 07/18/2020)

DubJay at Home #4: Cassandra Muhr

WNJR host Jessica Scott talks with W&J senior Cassandra Muhr ’21 about the value of college radio, her experiences as the host of Kickin’ it Country on WNJR, and her role as a LINK Mentor helping first-year students transition to college life. (Recorded 07/06/2020)

DubJay at Home #3: Arianna Taylor

WNJR host Taylor Wolf talks with W&J junior and Student Activities Board (SAB) Marketing Director Arianna Taylor ‘22 about the challenges of social media marketing and student engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Recorded 07/10/2020)

DubJay at Home #2: Angela Colorito

WNJR host Arianna Taylor talks with W&J Ethics and Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator Angela Colorito about her role on campus, recent changes to federal Title IX guidelines, and available resources on campus for preventing discrimination. (Recorded 07/10/2020)

DubJay at Home #1: Jude Taha

WNJR host Leo Ofili talks with W&J alum Jude Taha ’20 about the challenges of being an international student during the COVID-19 pandemic, ways to improve support for international and minority students on college campuses, and more. (Recorded 07/10/2020)