08 May 2017

Stressbusting Time!

Another semester at W&J is almost over, so you know what that means: FINALS STRESS! Unless of course you somehow feel completely on top of all your finals and projects, in which case I applaud you, but for all the rest of us, our school does offer some activities to take your mind off that essay you should probably be working on right now. So here's a quick list of the events that are coming up:

Tuesday (5/9) 
-10:00pm- Late Night Breakfast at commons, you're gonna be up anyway, take a break from that study session and get a waffle!
Wednesday (5/10)
-11:30am-1:30pm- Paws for a Study break at the library, pet some cute doggos!
-3:00pm Meditation in the Media room, bring a pillow to sit on and meditate that stress away!
-6:00pm-7:30pm Pamper yourself at the Hub, enjoy a massage chair and learn some relaxation techniques!
Thursday (5/11)
-9:00am-5:00pm- Popcorn Bar in the Student life suite (Rossin UL), add some delicious toppings to fresh popcorn!
-8:00pm-10:00pm- Finals Feast at the Church of the Covenant, enjoy some donuts, fruit, snacks, and games!
Friday (5/12)
-2:00pm-4:00pm- BBQ on the Rossin Patio, come get a burger, hot dog, or veggie burger, and play lawn games! 
Saturday (5/13)
-10:00am-6:00pm- Tree of Appreciation at G&Ts, stop by and put the name of someone you appreciate on a leaf or butterfly and place it on this tree!
 Sunday (5/14)
-11:00am-1:00pm- Lemonade and Iced Tea at the campus center, come get free drinks!
And don't forget that listening to music is always a good way to de-stress, so tune into WNJR 91.7FM to chill out!

28 April 2017

This Kind of HATE by Ty Greenwood

Hello beautiful peeps, I hope your Friday is going well. There will be a performance of an original student-written play next week that I thought all our fans should be informed about.

This Kind of HATE deals with issues pertaining to interracial relationships/friendships, police brutality, race, politics and the role media plays on these subjects

The play follows the events leading up to and after the shooting of an African-American young man and the controversy surrounding it. The inspiration of the play came from various news stories of police brutality, such as the Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin cases. Ty is hoping to ignite conversations concerning this topic as well as others that deal with race or difference.

The play will be performed in Olin Rm. 102:
Wednesday May 3 @ 5:30PM
Thursday May 4 & Friday May 5 @ 6:00PM

We hope to see you there and we hope that it will be a rewarding and learning experience for all individuals in attendance.

27 April 2017

Shine Season

Wale: SHINE 
Release Date: April, 28, 2017
If you know me, you know that I represent Washington DC at any turn I can! It is with my greatest pleasure to announce that DC's very own Wale will be releasing his new album SHINE tomorrow! Wale's last album was released in 2016 and he complete revolutionized the game, by using the popular sitcom "Seinfeld"as a inspiration to each track. I was fortunate enough to attend a Wale's concert where he shared some of his new music. I must say my favorite song so far is "Black is Gold". He uses a very soulful beat as an uplifting and ode to black women. I encourage you to listen and even buy the album! You will not want to be the last to hear!

Tune Thursday: Charlie Puth


Happy Thursday! As the week is flying by and finals are approaching, here is a new release from Charlie Puth! A New Jersey native, Charlie became exposed to the entertainment industry through his fame and stardom from YouTube. Releasing singles such as Marvin Gaye, One Call Away, We Don’t Talk Anymore, and his most famous See You Again demonstrated his quick rise to fame while exposing his ability to collaborate with diverse artist. Releasing his newest song Attention, Charlie developed this song while he was touring in Tokyo, Japan by pulling out his phone and recording a beat and tune that was inside of his mind. While this new single is also rumored to be about his ex girlfriend Bella Thorne, Charlie leaves no comment and allows viewers to assume what they wish. As he is becoming a dominant artist in the entertainment industry, Charlie is just getting started! Enjoy Attention by Charlie Puth and have a great weekend! 

24 April 2017

Radio Documentary: The Crimes of Jiang Zemin

Hello peeps! I hope you're enjoying and making the most of your Monday. We have a special documentary airing this week.

(Jiang Zemin) Source: NY Times

The Crimes of Jiang Zemin: 200 Thousand File for Official Investigation is a soul-stirring account of 3 women who were brutally tortured in Chinese prisons because they refused to give up their practice of Falun Dafa.  After narrowly escaping being killed for their organs, they fled to Canada and joined the world-wide movement to bring former head of the Chinese Communist Party, Jiang Zemin, to justice.   

The content also related to the US as the US House of representatives passed H.Res. 343 unanimously last June (Expressing concern regarding persistent and credible reports of systematic, state-sanctioned organ harvesting from non-consenting prisoners of conscience in the People's Republic of China, including from large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners and members of other religious and ethnic minority groups). To learn more go here to read an article about the censorship the government poses.


The documentary will be airing today, Monday 24  to Thursday 27  at 4PM on here or 91.7FM.

19 April 2017

Delta Gamma's Anchor Splash

Delta Gamma
Hello y'all! On Sunday, April 23rd, the Delta Gamma sorority will be hosting their 37th annual philanthropy event, Anchor Splash. This event will take place in Washington & Jefferson College's Henry Memorial Gym Pool from 11:00AM to 3:00PM. All the money collected is going to Delta Gamma's Foundation which benefits Service for Sight! Admission is a small fee of $2. Interested in having a good time while watching Fraternities and Sororities present their routines in a pool that they have been practicing for weeks while helping out a foundation? Make sure to stop by!

18 April 2017

Mark Philip Bradley: Human Rights in the Era of Trump

Mark Philip Bradley 
Mark Philip Bradley is the Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor of International History and the College, and Faculty Director of the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights at The University of Chicago. His field specialist include 20th century U.S. international history, global history of human-rights politics, and postcolonial Southeast Asia. Bradley has received fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and Fulbright-Hays.  Tomorrow Wed., April 19 @ 7:30pm in Yost Auditorium  Bradley will be discussing Human Rights in the Era of Trump.

17 April 2017

La Ronde this weekend!

Come to see "La Ronde" this weekend at the Olin Theatre, it's based on a comedy written by Arthur Schnitzler in 1897 but with a modern twist. This roundelay of love is told through ten interwoven scenes with two characters in each scene. The show is going to be performed Thursday (20th), Friday (21st), and Saturday (22nd) at 7:30pm and a matinee at 2pm on Saturday (22nd). There is no admission, so the show is free for everyone! No ticket needed!

14 April 2017

Posthumous Praise: Maurice White

Hello beautiful peeps, I hope your day is going well. Our guest today has dealt with all the elements except for water. I am proud to introduce Mr. Maurice White!

Source: 411 Mania

Mr. White is noted as founding the famous group Earth, Wind, & Fire. White was born in 1941 in Memphis, Tennessee. He studied at the Chicago Conservatory of Music and in 1963 found work as a drummer at Chess Records. Then in 1969 he formed a band called Salty Peppers, but after a move to Los Angeles he changed the name to Earth, Wind, & Fire (a reference to his astrological sign, which didn't have any water signs). Some of the band's most famous songs include Shining Star and September.  To learn more about White and his death go here. Also, don't forget to go here or 91.7FM. Below is one of their popular songs Shining Star.

11 April 2017

James David Ross Family Rec Center Opens Today!

Don't forget that there will be a student preview for the  James David Ross Family Rec center, sponsored by the SGA today (Tuesday April 11)! The completion of this rec center has been long anticipated by the W&J community. The center is a 30,000 square foot facility and includes a 3-lane, 167 meter track, 3 athletic courts that can be used for volleyball, tennis, and basketball, and a general exercise room for activities like yoga and pilates. The student preview is going to be from  3:00 to 4:00pm and light refreshments will be provided.

07 April 2017

Posthumous Praise: Leonard Cohen

Hello champions, I hope you're having a great Friday. Don't fret, we will not enter the weekend before introducing today's guest. Put your hands together for the brilliant Leonard Cohen!

Leonard Cohen was a Canadian-born musician and singer born in 1934. As a young boy, Cohen was encouraged by his parents to pursue his interest in music and poetry. Cohen learned to play the guitar at 13 and soon after formed a band. Cohen had produced several songs and wrote several books of poetry and novels before his mid-30s. It was after this point Cohen was signed to Columbia records and later that year released his debut album, Songs of Leonard Cohen. To learn more about Cohen's life and death go here. Don't forget to also tune in here or 91.7FM to catch one of Cohen's songs. Below is one of Cohen's most popular songs Hallelujah

06 April 2017

Bumper Jackson

Bumper Jackson's April 6, 2017

Today Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. The Bumper Jackson will perform in Olin Theater. Featuring W&J alumnus Chris Ousley ’08, the Bumper Jacksons are hot and sweet, painting America’s story from New Orleans’ brothels to Appalachian hollers. Unafraid to scrap together new sounds from forgotten 78’s, the Bumper Jacksons boldly and elegantly balance paying homage to the traditions while fashioning their own unique, DIY style. Honored as the region’s 2015 “Artist of the Year” and “Best Folk Band” from 2013–2015 at the Washington D.C. Area Music Awards, the Bumper Jacksons are playfully creative with their originals and re-imagining roots music with both power and tenderness. Bursting at the seams with some of the richest threads of old America, Bumper Jacksons bring you into the center of a party where everyone’s invited and the dance floor never sleeps.

Artist Spotlight: ZHU

Source: Billboard

Steven Zhu, who is known professionally as ZHU, is an electronica musician and singer who has been creating music since early 2014.  ZHU is Chinese American and choose to remain anonymous until mid-2014 because he wanted people to judge him based on his music alone saying, "Some of us don't even know the limitations of our own prejudice. Rather than put those limitations to the test, we've created an engaging way for fans to focus on the music rather than who's behind it."  ZHU has released two EPs titled "The Nightday" and "Genesis Series" containing the songs Faded and  Automatic.  ZHU also released an album in July of 2016 titled "Generationwhy" featuring songs like Palm of My Hand and In the Morning.  ZHU recently released a single titled Nightcrawler where you can continue to hear ZHU's unique sound and diverse sounds.  Be sure to check ZHU out at some music festivals this summer, and be sure to tune in to WNJR 91.7FM to hear more from ZHU and other artists like him.

03 April 2017

ATΩ: Chili Cook-Off

Hello, y'all! This Saturday, April 8th, the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity is having their Second Annual True Merit Chili Cook off. This event will take place in the Ski Lodge in Washington & Jefferson College between 12:00PM-4:30PM. With a small payment of $10 you can get all the chili you would like. Along with that there will be live entertainment. Friends, Family, Faculty, Students, and Community Members are encouraged to attend so make sure to stop by! All proceeds will be donated to the Washington Area Humane Society. Also, ATΩ is raffling a 60" LED HDTV. Each raffle ticket is $10 or 2 for $15. The drawing will be held April 28th. Also, all of these proceeds will be donated to the Washington Area Humare Society. Hope to see you guys there!

Ibram Kendi Lecture TONIGHT!

Source: W&J Homepage
The winner of the National Book Award and author of "Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America", Ibram X. Kendi, will be giving a lecture about his book at 8:30pm tonight (Monday 4/3) in Dieter-Porter 100. Kendi is a New York Times best-selling author, a historian at the University of Florida and the youngest person to win the National Book Award for Nonfiction. Kendi's talk will provide a context for thinking about and talking about race issues and contributing to a productive dialogue about matters of race and justice that have received increased attention in recent years: in debates over police violence, in the rhetoric that accompanied the 2016 election, and in discussion about inclusion on college campuses. After the lecture there will be a dessert reception and book signing.

Julia Michaels: Issues

Happy Monday! As the week begins so does an artist's career in the spotlight! Julia Michaels may be an artist you don't recognize, but you may know some of her work more than you realize. Julia not only wrote "Sorry" for Justin Bieber, but she also collaborated with artist such as Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Gwen Stefani, Zedd, Jason Derulo, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, and Ed Sheeran. Debuting her first single "Issues" this year, she reached number 24 on the Billboards Hot 100. As her career in the spotlight is finally beginning, she contributed since the age of 16 in some of the top songs in the world. Enjoy her hit single "Issues" and prepare to witness the next big artist of the year! 

31 March 2017

Posthumous Praise: Chuck Berry

Hello peeps! I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Our guest for today has recently joined this club. I would like to introduce one of the pioneers of Rock n' Roll: Chuck Berry.

Source: Billboard

The great Chuck Berry was born in St. Louis, Missouri where he was exposed early to music at school and church. He ran into trouble in his teenage years, but he made it through. He began to make music in the '50s. He had numerous hits, such as "Johnny B. Goode" and "My Ding-a-ling". Berry's sound was unique with its blend of different genres in one act. Berry is known as the "father of Rock n' Roll" with his song "Maybellene" being labelled by music  as the first official song of Rock n' Roll. To find out more about Chuck Berry go here. To try and catch any of Berry's songs, tune in here or 91.7FM to listen. Below is Chuck Berry's "Maybellene".  

30 March 2017

SGA Spring Concert!

 Image result for t-pain

Guess who is coming to campus in May!?
YES, you guessed it, T-Pain!!

T-Pain is an American rapper known for his famous collaboration with Chris Brown, JoJo, and Kanye West. He is a Grammy award winner and had impacted the music industry with revitalizing auto-tune. Student Government Association Spring Concert tickets are now available. Students may pick-up one free ticket with W&J Student ID, weekdays between 2:00 to 5:00 pm in the Student Life Suite, UL, Rossin Campus Center.  Any student unable to come during that time period may email studentlife@washjeff.edu to make arrangements for ticket pick-up.  

Beginning April 17th, students may purchase one additional ticket for a guest with current W&J ID - $20, cash or check made payable to W&J College.

Artist Spotlight: Louis The Child

Louis the Child has been an up and coming name in the electronica genre for quite some time now.  The Chicago duo is made up of members Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett who started performing together in 2013. The duo recently released their first EP titled "Love is Alive" on March 24th.  The album includes some of the singles they had previously released including the songs Fire and Love is Alive. You may have heard a few of the groups singles before including It's Strange featuring artist K. Flay and Weekend featuring the group Icona Pop.  The EP does not disappoint with songs like Slow Down Love and Go. Slow Down Love can be heard in the video below!  The duo masterfully combines the electronica category with chill vibes in all of the songs on the EP! Be sure to tune into WNJR 91.7FM to hear some of Louis the Child's remixes and be sure to check out the EP!

27 March 2017

Relay For Life at W&J

W&J is going to be holding their first ever Relay For Life! Relay For Life is a community based fundraising event for the American Cancer Society that will be held by the Colleges Against Cancer Club. The Relay For Life is an activity and ceremony filled event that raises money for the fight against cancer, the Relay will be held next month on April 29th so if you want to get involved you can join the Colleges Against Cancer club team or create your own team! For more information go to the CAC club meeting this Tuesday at 6:00pm in Burnett 103 or contact Halie Ankeny (CAC President) at ankenyhs@jay.washjeff.edu.

Drake: More Life

Source: Complex
Hello, guys! Hope you all feel refreshed after a week of Spring Break vacation. Two Saturdays ago, Drake released his More Life album. Thought Views was a hit? More Life was streamed about 300 million times worldwide in its first week on Apple Music. This album surpassed Views by 50 million streams. The album was promoted last year in October when 'Fake Love' became a hit and was number 1 in many Billboard charts. With popular artists being featured like Young Thug, Giggs, Quavo, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, and PartyNextDoor, many have been trying to get their hands on the new album. So what is one thing that sets More Life apart from many of Drake's albums? The diverse genres in one album: hip hop, R&B, dancehall, grime, trap, and Afrobeat. Want to jam out and listen to hip hop and R&B? Tune in to WNJR 91.7FM every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday between 12AM and 5AM.

15 March 2017

Tribute to: Joni Sledge

Source: Closer Weekly
There are a handful of songs that are so popular that it takes only one person to sing a couple of words, and you have a group singing along. Joni Sledge, along with her sisters, was one of the singers that rose to fame with one hit, 'We Are Family'. Unfortunately, last week she was found dead in her home in Phoenix, Arizona, where she allegedly passed due to natural causes. Although the Sister Sledge group was at its peak in the 70s, three of the four members of the group performed one last time in October so many people's memories of the group will remain fresh in their mind. Rest in peace and may her memory live on forever.
Interested in R&B on the air? Make sure to tune in to WNJR 91.7FM every Friday morning between 12AM-5AM.

13 March 2017

A Night in India

Looking for something to do to de-stress from all of your midterms? The W&J Indian student association is holding their annual 'Night in India' event this Wednesday the 15th from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. It will be a night to remember! The event will be held in the Rossin ballroom and will include an Indian feast, cultural performances, a raffle, and many other activities! This event is being held in order to raise awareness and increase the knowledge of students and faculty of this amazing culture! If you want to hear more about different cultures around the world be sure to tune into WNJR 91.7fm from 6:00-7:00pm to hear the show "Global Perspectives"!

10 March 2017

Posthumous Praise: Janis Joplin

Hello everyone, we at WNJR hope you're all having a wonderful day! Today I'll be resuming my weekly blogs dedicated to deceased pioneers of music. Today our special guest is Janis Joplin!

Source: TSHA

Janis Joplin was nicknames the "First Lady of Rock 'n' Roll". The talented singer was born in Texas in 1943. She was invested in music, but hadn't been noticed on the scene until she joined the band Big Brother in 1966. The band's 1968 album, Cheap Thrills, garnered plenty of attention, but Joplin left because of issues with the band.  She then reentered the scene with her first solo album that received mixed reviews. Her second album that was released posthumously was a big hit. To learn more about Janis Joplin go here. Tune in here or 91.7FM to catch one of her songs.  Below is one of her hits Mercedes Benz.

09 March 2017

It's Music Festival Season

Music Festival
Source: Yellow Sparrow
Hey everybody, it's about that time of the year to get ready for all of the upcoming music festivals!! There are lots of great artists performing this summer, many in the electronic music category.  Some festivals to keep an eye out for are Ultra, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Firefly which are all coming up in a few months!  A few of the festivals already have their lineups and they do not disappoint.  Ultra is coming up later in March and is known for being an electronica music festival.  The lineup features many DJs and electronic artists including Major Lazer, Galantis, Adventure Club, and ZHU.  Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Firefly all also feature many electronic artists, but also have a variety of other indie and alternative artists preforming.  Be sure to check out the festival websites if you want to learn more about artists preforming, and be sure to tune into WNJR to hear from some of the artists that will be there!

08 March 2017

What's Up Wednesday: Rockabye

Studying as undergraduates, the band Clean Bandit met in 2008 and formed a band that would change the UK forever. Releasing their new album in 2012, the band peaked at number 100 on the UK Singles Chart, but in only two years later they finally reached number one with “Rather Be.” Releasing their first international hit allowed Clean Bandit to produce their second number one hit featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie while also having the departure of their lead vocalist Neil Amin-Smith. The standing three members are now Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, and Luke Patterson that still continue to thrive in the music industry around the world and sooner or later, a number one single will climb to the top of the United States charts as well. 


06 March 2017

Indie Artist Spotlight: Philip Cohen

Source: PhilipCohenMusic
Philip Cohen, now being played in college radio stations across the country, is an Indie musician with a diverse and unique history that allows him to stand out like no other has. As a kid he learned to play the clarinet, violin, kazoo, and guitar. At a very young age he left home and headed north to Vermont, where he attended boarding school. Along with that he played full-time hockey in the Mid-West and Canada. He then attended the US Air Force Academy and graduated from the Sloan School in MIT. In an article posted by 'The Tech,' Philip mentioned that he is "trudging along the path to success in many areas," but he does not want "safety nets." Based on everything he has been able to do, I have high hopes that whether he remains as a musician, continues his business plans, or opens a couple more non-profit organizations, he will influence people, especially college students, nationwide. 

Caladh Nua coming to W&J

Can't think of a good way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? Why not listen to some traditional Irish music! The band Caladh Nua is coming to W&J to perform music that has captured the essential qualities of traditional Irish music while being balanced out with an innovative contemporary flair. Calahd Nua is a band made up of five versatile musicians and singers, their music is deeply rooted in the Southern counties of Ireland. They have performed all over the world at festivals and through international tours, including cities like Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin, Mumbai, and Vancouver. Their performances have been broadcast on TV and radio, including on American Public Radio, the BBC, and RTE. They perform a vast repertoire of haunting songs and evocative Irish tunes. Caladh Nua is a young ensemble on the rise. They are going to be performing on Sunday, the 12th, at 7:30pm in the Olin Theatre. Tickets are available via the Olin Box Office: 724-223-6546 Hours: Monday through Friday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm. W&J students, faculty, and staff may request two complimentary tickets.

05 March 2017

Attention Students!!

Courtesy of W&J weekly
There are times in life when you are faced with a situation in which you can intervene and help stop a potentially dangerous situation - preventing a sexual assault or sexual harassment from occurring. As a friend, partner, classmate, family member, etc. you are in a unique position to do something about abuses you see. Learn how to be an effective bystander and how to confront abuses when they occur.

Active Bystander Training ~ Three sessions coming up soon!
This Sunday from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Wednesday, March 8 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Wednesday, March 29 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

(Seats are limited; if sessions are filled, we will save your info for future sessions)
Sponsored by Advocates for Sexual Assault Prevention

03 March 2017

Winter Tales XV @7:30 in Olin

Hello peeps, I hope you're all having a splendid day! I wanted to let you guys know about a special event this weekend: Winter Tales!

Source: Temp. Tat.

Winter Tales is an event showcasing the talents of student playwrights and actors. The 10-minute plays are a staged reading that offer a personal touch to the theatre. This is the fifteenth year for Winter Tales. This year's Winter Tales is today and Saturday at 7:30 in Olin Theatre. Below are the list of playwrights, including some of WNJRs own:

Abigail Adams
Jaqualynn Anderson
Alex Benner (WNJR show host)
Sonnieboy Blanco (WNJR show host)
Amina Brown (WNJR staff member)
Rachel Doty
Ty Greenwood
E.F. Jones
Emily Riazzi
Amiti Sharma (WNJR show host)

So please, come out and support your fellow peers, classmates, WNJR, and the theatre!

Simple Plan: Untitled

As the week comes to an end and the fun begins, drunk driving is at an all time high. Statically, 31% of fatal drunk-driving accidents occur over the weekend generally between midnight and 3a.m, 28 people are killed each day by drunk drivers, and drunk driving costs each American $500 a year. While drunk driving is a crime that 100% preventable, watching a video like Untitled by Simple Plan can open eyes to an issue that doesn’t only affect the people killed, but also the ones that they love.  The video provides a personal look on the aftermath when a tragedy hits close to home and by telling the story of innocent victims caused by drinking and driving, it could save a life.  Stay alive, don’t drink and drive.


01 March 2017

Happy Rodeo Month!

Houston Rodeo 2017 Line Up
Happy March, guys! Besides exciting events like Spring Break, I would like to point out one of my favorites, The Houston Rodeo. In March, over 2 million people gather during a 20 month period to attend this event. Being from Houston I can undoubtedly say it is a lot of fun. From learning about breeding and marketing farm products to amazing music and a carnival, it is one event not worth missing. Some featured artists this year are Aaron Watson, Chris Stapleton, Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Luke Bryan, Chris Young, Brad Paisley, and Zac Brown Band, and other pop singers. If you find yourself in Houston, I highly recommend you stop by for one of these events. Would you like to listen to country music on WNJR? Tune in every Monday morning from 12am-5am and every Saturday from 2pm-5pm for Country Memories.

28 February 2017

Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani and Victor Puebla

Last Friday, in Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani, an international student from Spain, Victor Puebla discussed his experience in the United States and promoted his home town of Burgos. You can see the summary of the show below.
Victor Puebla is an international exchange student from a beautiful country of Spain. He is spending his second semester here at W&J College. He has highly improved his English language skills and hopes to go back to Spain and educate others on his experience at W&J. Mr. Puebla comes from a distinguished town of Burgos in the north of Spain, he suggests that everyone visit Burgos as it is one of the oldest European cities. Interestingly, Burgos is the hometown of the first born European as Mr. Puebla claims. Besides archeological sites, Burgos is full of other historic buildings and gothic architecture. Victor cannot imagine being away from home for a long time, therefore he traveled back to Burgos during the winter break.
Victor’s academic career is a very diverse one as he is pursuing a degree in Engineering back in Spain but at W&J he takes business classes. He thinks that classes here are not as hard as back in Spain. “I do not think that courses that I take here are challenging, perhaps they are easier than the ones in Spain”. Victor’s university  
Mr. Puebla is deeply attracted by American social life, he enjoys hanging out in fraternity buildings on weekend and loves to taste free Milkshake at Monti's, " Monticello is a nice place, I love to play table tennis there and enjoy a good company of my American as well as foreign friends."
Victor visited many distinct places in the US including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh. His favorite city is Washington DC as he thinks there is a mixture of both busy and relaxing lifestyles.

27 February 2017

La La Land's Oscar Wins

Source:  Movie Clips
After getting nominated for 14 different awards, the movie-musical "La La Land" left the Oscars having won six, not seven as many who turned off the TV early might have thought, being that announcer Warren Beatty announced that "La La Land" had won "Best Picture"and only after they had started their "thank-you" speech did Jordan Horowitz, a producer of "La La Land", correct the misinformation and announce that the movie "Moonlight" had actually won. Despite that, "La La Land" still left with quite a few golden statues, including "Best production design", "Best cinematography", "Best original score", "Best original song", "Best directing", and "Best lead actress". The "Best original song" went to the song "City of Stars", however both that and the song "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" were nominated from "La La Land" so instead of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone each preforming their songs, another star of the film, John Legend sang a beautiful mash-up of the two. Congratulations to "La La Land", "Moonlight", and every other winner from last night!

23 February 2017

The Come Back: Jo Jo

The Come Back: JoJo
We all know JoJo as the teen idol that stole our hearts with "Too Little Too Late"and "Leave" in 2004. Then she hit us with her remix of "Marvin's Room"by Drake that took over YouTube with over 44 millions views. Now she has graced with her latest album "Mad Love" including features such as Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalfa, Alessia Cara and Remy Ma. This album is very powerful with many anthem songs like "FAB" and "Apologies". My personal favorite track on this album is "Mad Love" it gives an R&B with rifts and runs of classic hits! I enjoyed the journey through this art and I hope that listeners take the time to experience this album as the hand crafted, thoughtful art that it is. JoJo's voice is powerful and soulful she is bound to making music for a long time. 

Artist Spotlight: Big Wild

Image result for big wild
Source: Twitter

Big Wild is a relatively new name to the electronica genre.  A native of Lancaster, Massachusetts, Jackson Stell first began DJing, producing, and composing music as a teenager.  When Stell moved to California, he was inspired by the surrounding landscape and began producing rather atmospheric and chill tracks.  In 2015, Big Wild caught the attention of music duo ODESZA, and they signed him to their Foreign Family Collective name.  Big Wild released the song Aftergold under the name, and he just recently released a new EP titled "Invincible." The EP features tracks with catchy beats and chill vibes including songs like I Just Wanna, When I Get There, and Invincible.  Be sure to tune into WNJR to hear some of these songs and more artists similar to Big Wild!

20 February 2017

Happy Birthday, Rihanna!

On February 20th, 29 years ago, a wonderful and influential soul was born in this world. I am speaking about the one and only, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, also known as her stage name, Rihanna. This pop star began her music career in 2003 when Evan Rogers had her sing a couple of demos, which landed her a contract with Syndicated Rhythm Productions. After that, Def Jam Records signed her, and in 2014, she signed with Roc Nation Records. Her talent has earned her 8 Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 12 American Music Awards, 8 People's Choice Awards, and others. Not only does she influence others through her music, but she is also a trend-setter. From showcasing her own fashion line, to modeling for designer brands, she can be considered a powerful person in the music and fashion industry. Once again, happy birthday, Rihanna!

It's V-Week!

 Source:  V Love
Today until Friday is V-week, there will be a week long radio show discussing different issues that women deal with. The show will be panels made up of different students, and faculty talking about their experiences and what they have learned throughout their lives about the topics. On Friday and Saturday there will be the performances of the Vagina Monologues to finish off the week. The Vagina Monologues are individual monologues written by different women talking about the sometimes humorous, sometimes taboo parts of being a woman in the world today.

The schedule for the V-week panels:
Tuesday 4:00pm-5:00pm - Beauty standards and body image
Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm - Intersectional feminism through identities (race/ethnicity, ableism, sexual orientation, etc.)
Friday 6:00pm-7:00pm - Media representation (film, TV, music, etc)
All of them will be on WNJR 91.7 fm!

17 February 2017

FlashBack Friday: Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

Happy Friday! As the week ends and the weekend begins, it's time for a flashback song that many of you may know. Singing sensations Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat partnered together for one of the most memorable love songs known as "Lucky." Reaching over 100 million views on YouTube, the hit single also won the pair a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. The king of love songs and queen of vocals made a successful and meaningful song that will be around for many generations to come so without further ado, here is the hit single "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Enjoy, have a great weekend, and tune into WNJR Radio 91.7FM! 


16 February 2017

Blessings: Chance The Rapper

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Chance the Rapper
  It seems like for this rapper blessings keep falling in his lap. This year for the Grammy's Chance the rapper took home 3 Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album. The rapper won for his album, "Coloring Book," beating out performers, including Drake and Kanye West. Another fun fact for this sensational artist is he became the first black hip-hop artist to win the award since Lauryn Hill in 1999. There are some big things happening for Chance. He continues to push the envelope for music by incorporating gospel and raising the performance aspect of his musical talent. Below is his acclaimed video performance "Problem"


Artist Spotlight: BANKS


Jillian Rose Banks, more commonly know as BANKS, is an American singer and songwriter from Orange County, California.  BANKS has been described as have an alternative hip-hop or electro-pop sound.  The singer has unique vocals that blend perfectly with the electronica genre.  Her amazing voice can be heard in songs like Goddess, Beggin For Thread, and Trainwreck.  BANKS is known for her debut album, Goddess, released in 2014, and for her most recent album The Altar which was released September 30th of 2016.  If you are a fan of The Weeknd then you may have heard of BANKS before because she toured internationally with him in 2013!  Her song Waiting Game was also featured in Victoria's Secret holiday commercial that same year. Be sure to listen to WNJR to hear songs by BANKS and more artists like her!

13 February 2017

David Bowie's Grammy Wins

Source:  Esquire
David Bowie was posthumously nominated for awards in five different categories at the 59th annual Grammy's, and last night he won in all five categories, best alternative music album, best rock song, best rock performance, best recording package and best engineered non-classical album. In life Bowie was nominated for 12 Grammy's but only won in 1985 for best short-form video, so the five awards he won at the Grammy's are the first he won in the musical category. The album that won, Blackstar, was released in 2016 on Bowie's birthday, January 8th, just two days before he died on January 10th. The album was planned as a "swan song" because, although he hadn't made the information public, he had been diagnosed with liver cancer eighteen months beforehand. The lyrics reflect that Bowie was dealing with his own mortality and his impending death. David Bowie was one of the world's best selling music artists after selling an estimated 140 million records worldwide, and was one of the most influential musicians of this century.

Grammy Awards: Adele

Did anyone tune into the Grammy Awards last night? A lot of interesting things occurred, but one person who really stood out to me was, the one and only, Adele. Besides the fact that she won the Album of the Year award against other world renowned artists like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, and Drake, Song of the Year Award, Record of the Year Award, and others, what she said and did on stage was something to remember. To start off, she was very honest with herself and the crowd. Adele admitted that her new album was a "comeback" because she had not released one since 2011. Her biggest inspiration, according to her speech, is Beyoncé. "I adore you and I want you to be my mommy." She later broke her Grammy award in two so she can share her award with Beyoncé. We all have a dream and someone that inspires us to follow it. Who is your Beyoncé?

10 February 2017

WNJR V-Week Series

Hello beautiful fans of WNJR, I hope you're all having a wonderful day. The staff here at WNJR has some exciting news: there will be a week-long radio show discussing various women's issues for V-Week!

V-Week or Vagina Monologue Week, is a week consisting of events and programs focusing on various women's' issues and their obstacles and achievements, capped off by performances Friday and Saturday of monologues written for and by women about humorous situations to topics seen as taboo. The WNJR Series is meant to focus on similar topics that we feel are important and integral to the development and furthering of the community, for both female and male audiences.

The schedule consists of a different topic and discussion panel each day. Each show will run 45-60 minutes and will be available on Soundcloud. The below schedule is the running times:

Mon. 2/20-(8pm-9pm) Domestic Violence and Assault/ Harassment (sexual and verbal, e.g. cat-calling)
Tues. 2/21-(4pm-5pm) Beauty Standards/ Body Image
Wed. 2/22- (6pm-7pm) Workplace Experiences and Discrimination (wage gap, competing in a man's world, etc)
Thurs. 2/23- (4pm-5pm) Intersectional Feminism through identities (race/ethnicity, ableism, sexual orientation)
Fri. 2/24-(6pm-7pm) Media Representation (film, tv, music, etc)

If you're interested in participating in any way (as a student or staff member) email amina@wnjr.org. Thank you and I hope you all are able to tune in here or 91.7FM.

08 February 2017

Indie Music Director

Hello, y'all! Last semester I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Chile, which, of course, meant I was not working here at WNJR. Last year I used to work on syndication and also had my country music show every Friday afternoon. I am proud to announce that I will be the new Indie music director and I cannot wait to listen to a genre I began exploring recently during my time abroad. If you guys have any questions or recommendations, feel free to email me. My contact information is located under the "About WNJR" tab. Have a great week!