February 28, 2017

Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani and Victor Puebla

Last Friday, in Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani, an international student from Spain, Victor Puebla discussed his experience in the United States and promoted his home town of Burgos. You can see the summary of the show below.
Victor Puebla is an international exchange student from a beautiful country of Spain. He is spending his second semester here at W&J College. He has highly improved his English language skills and hopes to go back to Spain and educate others on his experience at W&J. Mr. Puebla comes from a distinguished town of Burgos in the north of Spain, he suggests that everyone visit Burgos as it is one of the oldest European cities. Interestingly, Burgos is the hometown of the first born European as Mr. Puebla claims. Besides archeological sites, Burgos is full of other historic buildings and gothic architecture. Victor cannot imagine being away from home for a long time, therefore he traveled back to Burgos during the winter break.
Victor’s academic career is a very diverse one as he is pursuing a degree in Engineering back in Spain but at W&J he takes business classes. He thinks that classes here are not as hard as back in Spain. “I do not think that courses that I take here are challenging, perhaps they are easier than the ones in Spain”. Victor’s university  
Mr. Puebla is deeply attracted by American social life, he enjoys hanging out in fraternity buildings on weekend and loves to taste free Milkshake at Monti's, " Monticello is a nice place, I love to play table tennis there and enjoy a good company of my American as well as foreign friends."
Victor visited many distinct places in the US including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh. His favorite city is Washington DC as he thinks there is a mixture of both busy and relaxing lifestyles.