February 20, 2014

Today's Schedule (20 February 2014)

WNJR is ALL LIVE today (20 February 2014)! Enjoy the following live shows! 

10-11AM: Show Me Your Jazz Hands with Carley & Hannah
11-12PM: Alphabet Soup on Speed.
12-1PM: Lunchtime with Chris Teagarden
1-2PM: Library Land
2-3PM: Country Power Hour
3-4PM: Master Debating with Llyse Beat & Beatman
4-5PM: Coffee Break
5-6PM: Globetrotting
6-7PM: Oldies Jukebox
7-8PM: Musical Chairs
8-9PM: S&M on the Radio (/rant)  
9-10PM: On the Right Track
10-11PM: Pace.Love.Music.
11-12AM: GPCForGTFO Radio