March 7, 2014

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday
Washington & Jefferson- ese

1.  Dubjay: Washington and Jefferson College is a mouthful isn't it? W&J just sounds too proper. Dubjay is the choice word when referring to our proud institution.
 "I hear that Dubjay tied in the rose bowl in 1923." 

2. Swype: It isn't just an ID, its also your source of food, and key to your dorm. Don't lose it or you will be out $15.
  "Dana, did you loose your Swype again?!"

3. Gnts: George and Tom's place is the real name of dubjay's fast-food dining hall
  "I think I'll get a Deli Combo at Gnts for dinner" 

4. Kommakazi's: The slightly politically incorrect name for the commons, the main dinning hall at dub jay. 
   "I saw a mouse in Kommakazi's today during lunch!"

5. Pastability: Derived from the special at gnts called "Pastabilities" in which you get a made to order pasta dish. Used in place of the word possibility. 
  "Do you think that it is going to snow today?…. Yes, its a high pastability!"

6. Wichi Quax: The title of some cheer that we supposedly use at football games. Originally made up to make fun of Princeton's cheer. Never heard actually cheered except at matriculation, convocation, and graduation. 
 "wichi quax quax quax, jay saysaysay jay saysaysay jayjayjay"

7. Uncommon Integrity: its what all graduates of dub jay posses, or at least for the amount of times it is used in speeches we are brain washed to believe we possess by the time we graduate.
 "Charlie West possessed uncommon integrity"