March 6, 2014

New Music Thursday!

St. Vincent (Annie Erin Clark) is an American singer-songwriter who just released her self-titled album on February 25th.  Check out this Gaga-esque looking artist's fourth album and experience her addicting electronic indie pop sound that you can't hear anywhere else at the moment.

A multi-instrumentalist, she mixes a fun electronic beat with surprisingly well-crafted lyrics. No matter what kind of mood that you're in, St. Vincent can deliver the perfect mix of sounds you're looking for. "Digital Witness" is bright, playful, and confident while "I Prefer Your Love" hits the slow, melancholy feeling to keep the listener engaged.

Rolling Stone writer Jon Dolan wrote that: "the playful way these songs contort makes pain feel like a party." St. Vincent herself said that the album comes across as "a party record you could play at a funeral."

By those statements alone, do you need any other reason to check her out? Didn't think so.

But hey! Can't get enough? Don't miss your chance to see St. Vincent LIVE IN PITTSBURGH April 11, 2014 at Stage AE before she goes across the pond to tour in Europe! General admission is $29.85/seat. See Stage AE webpage or box office for details.