March 12, 2014

World Views Wednesday

Last week on "International Experience," host Joseph Jorjoliani interviewed international exchange student Willyam Menezes.

Menezes (pictured left) discussed many topics about his home country, Brazil. The following is part of his interview, where he shares his views about Brazilian politics.
Joseph (J): Willyam, every country, even the wealthy ones have challenges and problems to overcome, so what is the biggest struggle in Brazil right now?
Willyam (W): Well, like in every society, politics play a huge role in Brazilian social life. People always debate about politics, TVs always show a lot of political scandals. And our main problem is basically connected to politicians' irresponsible and self-centered behaviors.
J: What do you mean by irresponsible and self-centered behaviors?
W: The politicians determine how to spend money incorrectly, and they always try to steal and that seems pretty obvious to people.
J: You have a new government right now, and I see you are not satisfied with the job it has done so far. Did you ever support this party who governs the country now?
W: Actually, I was always totally against Dilma Rousseff, the new president. I never trusted her and now more and more people are becoming frustrated, and she is losing the trust of society.
J: So Willyam, is the problem corruption in the government?
W: Oh absolutely, and it is so obvious.
 J: But Brazil's economy is fifth largest growing among other countries of the world.
 W: We are developing but I think more money has to be spent on fighting against poverty, because many people are still poor. As I know the poverty line is about 21% in Brazil.