April 16, 2014

World Views Wednesday

Last week on "International Experience," the host Joseph Jorjoliani interviewed international student Bako Glonti from Wagner College in New York. Mr. Glonti is a very good friend of Joseph Jorjoliani. They went to the same high school in the Republic of Georgia.

Glonti (pictured left) shared many funny stories about his first impressions of the United States and talked about the differences between his home country, Georgia, and the USA.

Joseph: Bako, you have been living in the United States for about two years. How is it living in a foreign country?
Bako: Well, it is a challenge of my life. Of course I miss my family and friends, but I go back to Georgia during breaks. So it makes my life easier and much more pleasant.
Joseph: So you came here two years ago, what was the first cultural shock you experienced here in the USA?
Bako: I want to share this funny story about my experience in Washington, D.C. When I went to D.C., my friend was campaigning for a political party, and he went door to door and gave booklets to many families, so one day I decided to go with him, and after a while he asked me to do his job, knock on a door and talk to the family. Well I did not know that “sir” meant “man” and “ma’am” meant “woman,” so when a woman opened the door I said “Hi, Sir!” and she replied: “I am not a Sir, I am a woman, little boy.” So I was shocked, did not know what to do. My friend was laughing so hard I could not even apologize, so the woman closed the door and we left.
Joseph: Great story, Bako. I hope you learned a lesson from that.