April 9, 2014

World Views Wednesday

A different conversation took place during last Friday's International Experience. The guest from France, Marion Ruffier, gave feedback to the host, Joseph. She both criticized and admired his show. 

Joseph: Marion, you were the first guest in my first "international Experience.” How do you think I am doing so far?
Marion: In the first show you were a little bit nervous and strained. I do not see anything like that right now. I listened to most of the shows you had, and I would say you are improving.
Joseph: Oh, I did not expect you to listen to all of my shows, thank you. Which show did you like the most?
Marion: Well, the first one with me was the best, but the one with Australians was the funniest.
Joseph: What do you think is the best part of my show?
Marion: Oh, the quizzes are fabulous. When your guests try to win the t-shirt but they never get it.
Joseph: That is not my fault. If they answer all the questions correctly they will get the t-shirt!
Marion: Well, I will make a quiz for you.
Joseph: Go for it.
Marion: I will do it later. I would like to tell you that many of my friends from France are listening to the show right now. And I want to ask you to allow me to say ‘hi’ to them in French.
Joseph: If you are not going to say something that I need to put on the Swear Chart, go ahead. But translate it for our listeners please.
Marion: (Laughs) Of course!