May 6, 2014


It's that time everyone! WNJR's RADIO RAGER is finally here! A full 48 hours of live shows hosted by community volunteers, students, faculty, and staff alike who are coming from all over to help the radio station over the next two days!  

Our goal is $6,400 for a new digital consul for the studio so that we can continue to play beautiful music for all of you lovely listeners!

Check out our last post for a complete list of which shows are being featured today and tomorrow.  Currently our dear T. Scott Frank is hosting "My Old Man's Music" until 11:00am.

"Oldies Jukebox," "Haight & Ashbury, " and "Back in Time" are up next.

Stop by the station and/or tune in your radios/phones/computers to 91.7FM for a great time today and tomorrow, May 6th and 7th!

SUPPORT the Radio Rager and WNJR by clicking the "Support Us" tab on our website to donate now!