November 18, 2014

Kidd Wes, YoungWorld


"My name is Emelike, Malcolm X to the public", rapper Kidd Wes coolly spits as he lays 
  down another hot track. Kidd Wes, known to his mother as Emelike Nwosuocha, hails from West Detroit Michigan where he earned his title of a great emcee by demolishing plenty in rap battles. His album, New World, demonstrates his laid-back but intense rap flow as he successfully attempts to paint pictures with his music.

 "Pause", the second song on the his newest album Young World grasps the attention of the listener the moment his voice hits the track. With bars like
 "I'm about to do damage"
"I'm about to go ham"
"I think I need a sandwich"
"For all this bread and cheese"
Kidd Wes plays on words, making his music more enjoyable and "pitch"er-perfect. As you sit down and plug your headphones in, before you press play to listen, make sure you are ready to actually listen. The beats are hot, but the verses are hotter and you don't want to miss out on the flow he is dropping all the way through the album. This isn't one of those albums with one or two quality songs, its an album with versatility, conversation, and just dope music. Feel free to check it out on Itunes, I promise you won't be let down!