March 26, 2015

Los Planetas on WNJR

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Listen to Los Planetas (the planets) on WNJR. Los Planetas is a Spanish indie band, that started out in late 1990s in the city of Granada. The Band's first big success was the album "Super 8" with a hit "Que puedro hacer"(What can I do?) The band has been successfully performing through the 2000s. Spanish national public radio station Radio 3 has frequently played Los Planetas new masterpieces. After their first album, the group released new production which got quickly caught on in the Spanish indie scene:
"Una semana en el motor de un autobús" (A week in the engine of a bus)
Unidad de Desplazamiento" (Movement unit)
"Encuentro con entidades" (Encounter with entities)
The band also released several compilation albums, one of them being "Canciones para una orquesta química" (Songs for a chemical orchestra)
Los Planetas' songs are mostly inspired by English-language rock bands such as Joy Division and Mercury Rev. The band is considered as a key  point in the world of Spanish indie music.