April 3, 2015

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In The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, the main mechanic of the game is to use masks for different tasks. Of the 24 available masks in the game 4 of them are transformation masks, where donning such a mask initiates excruciating pain to ultimately transform the person into the other species/race.

File:Deku Mask.png
Deku Mask Source: Zelda Wiki
File:MM Deku Link.png
The Hero Link as Deku Scrub Source: Zelda Wiki
One Mask is the Deku Mask, which allows you to transform into a Deku Scrub.

This transformation has many unique abilities such as skipping over water, shooting out harmful bubbles, or diving into a flower in order to launch out flying, able to hover over to anything within distance. One of the weakness of this mask is that when transformed your body is made of wood so fire will kill you instantly.

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