April 10, 2015

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Today, I will continue on my talk of the transformation masks in the game, The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. Don't understand what is going on? Head over to my previous post here.

The second mask you come around to is the Goron Mask.
Source: Zelda Wiki
This mask allows you to transform in to the once great Hero of the Mountain Village, Darmani. With this hero's skills you are able break boulders with a single punch, pound the ground much harder than Mario, and roll with great speed and strength, flattening enemies wherever you go. Unfortunately you can't leap over skyscrapers in a single bound, that is reserved for Superman.

The one fatal flaw of this monster of a fighter is that he can not swim for even if it is to save his own life. Which is unfortunate because I always find myself drowning right when I get the mask and I jump off of the cliff down to the pond below in order to test the rolling mechanic. *Sigh* Another thing I'd like to note is how his Super Spiky Spinny Mode consumes magic, like temporary almost invincible mode.

Also the tough hide of the Goron transformation grants protection from most fires and lava, but not Captain Keeta's fire wall, which is weird.

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